Russian Troll Indictment Means Clinton Campaign Must Be Indicted

Hillary’s campaign is subject to the same prosecution as the Russian Trolls.

Robert Mueller’s indictment announced this past week certainly proves the old adage that you can indict a ham sandwich. It’s been described as a nothing burger which it is, but it’s one that cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. If the Russians are guilty, one constitutional attorney says the DNC, Christopher Steele, FusionGPS and the Clinton campaign should be charged under this theory.

Anyone could have investigated this case. The FBI wasn’t all that amazing in uncovering the Russian Trolls. Facebook and Twitter already did the work for them. Russians also published the information in a magazine in October 2017. Furthermore, the State Department is the agency who let the Russians into the U.S.


The charges are questionable at best. Foreign nationals were indicted for influencing the election because they did not register as foreign agents nor record their financial expenditures to the Federal Elections Commission. There are also charges of identity theft which is a joke since they ignore it when people here illegally steal IDs.

Using those rules, Robert Bames, writing for Law & Crime, said that by those standards, Mueller must indict Christopher Steele, FusionGPS, PerkinsCoie, the DNC and the Clinton Campaign?

Bames is a California constitutional expert and civil rights attorney. He offers three reasons for his statement.

Christopher Steele is guilty too if the Russians are guilty. He is a foreign citizen who was paid to influence the U.S. election and he wasn’t registered as a foreign agent.

FusionGPS is guilty of the same crimes. They knew Steele is a foreign citizen, they knowingly paid Steele to influence the election, and they knew Steele wasn’t registered as a foreign agent.

PerkinsCoie is guilty too. They knew Steele was a foreign citizen, they paid him to influence the election, and they knew he wasn’t registered as a foreign agent nor did they assist him in registering.

For the exact same reasons, the DNC and the Clinton campaign are also liable for prosecution.


Don’t expect those indictments to come down anytime soon.

Mueller picked targets who will never appear in court so he will never have to prove the absurd charges.

Mueller’s indictment is malicious and is anti-First Amendment.

Mr. Bames raises serious questions, including 1.) Foreigners must register as foreign agents if they speak out on U.S. politics. 2.) If the foreigner speaks out, s/he must reveal their source of funding. 3.) Mistakes on visa applications constitute “fraud” against the State Department.

The California attorney explains that all three draw on the discredited “honest services” theories. Mueller used them in corporate and bribery cases that have been overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States for unconstitutional vagueness.

This indictment does not conform to the free speech clause of the First Amendment or due process rights under the Fifth.

While we are at it, Mexicans influenced our elections. Cesar Vargas was an operative for Bob Creamer, Hillary’s dirty tricks guy. Vargas organizes the DREAMers, who are illegal aliens. They organize rallies and protests against President Trump and in support of open borders policies in the U.S.

Vargas himself is in the United States illegally.

Mueller’s indictment reeks of a malicious prosecution, but he’s no fool. He knows the indicted Russians will never respond. He knows they will never be extradited. Mueller will never have to answer for this but he will get the press he wants. Additionally, the media argument that Robert Mueller is handing down the indictments to scare the Russians is absurd. The Russians know what is going on and they are not shaking in their boots.


  1. One observation about “Russian interference” prior and in the upcoming election. This indictment and the related analysis shows the efforts of Russia bore little fruit. This was suppose to have been a concerted effort coordinated at the highest levels of the Russian Government. If this is the best the Russians can accomplish then why are so many, so frantic of what Russia may do in the midterms.

    More than likely there are ulterior motives for the hyperbole and hysteria. The loud cries by so many in Congress for “sanctions” against Russia should be looked at more closely. It would be interesting to see specifics on sanctions and what type of economic warfare it contains. We do know much of it concerns Ukraine, a Government WE helped overthrow, and Russian crude oil projects.

    Given that oil, and the energy sector in general, are the main products that drive the Russian economy it would certainly be plausible that Russia will see “all” our actions as economic warfare. They seemingly went along with the Minsk Agreement on Ukraine “because” of their need for exporting oil. Pundits will speak of interfering with Democracies, and the Sanctions Act mentions corruption in the Russian Federation, but is it for a Democracy or for economic warfare. If we are to become a major “oil exporter” this would directly affect the Russian Federation. Then, if we sanction the Russians to restrict “their” exports we could be charged with instigating an economic war.

    And what happens when one country starts an economic war. How many are aware that the US prevented oil being shipped to Japan before Pearl Harbor, and we saw Their response. Back then it was Japan with China and today it is Russia with Ukraine. The difference today is Ukraine Was Russia. Our country damn well better think these things through. The number of hotspots in the world today that can too easily overheat is troubling indeed. What we see in this country, with its adversity, is a microcosm of the world stage. What do we hear from members of Congress, ‘hurry up with the damn sanctions, Trump’.

    As we have seen in times past, few Members of Congress have anyone who fight in the wars, so they have no reluctance to avoid them, if it suits their ambitions. It’s time to learn history and learn what befell nations when they aspired for a stage of world domination.

  2. I planned only of writing a couple lines (above) before going into this.

    The indictment specified certain charges relating to 18 U.S.C.

    2) Is basically an act committed against the US.
    371) Conspiracy to commit or defraud the US.
    1349) Attempt and Conspiracy
    1028A) Aggravated Identity Theft.

    We can see none of these charges specified relate in any way to an election or interference.
    As a prosecutor stated this Indictment is referred to as a “speaking Indictment” which purpose is to tell a story. (Brian Williams, on the show, actually made the statement that few Americans would be able to understand the “legalese” in that Indictment. We now know journalists are too bright).

    Therefore, under the charges specified Mueller hasn’t opened the door to charging others who Should be. This “may” have been deliberate on his part, for that reason.

    Interestingly, that Russian magazine is highly detailed in its reporting. It can be read with Google Translate. This is one language that Google evidently does well with. I once did an experiment with Translate for Hebrew and That was laughable.

  3. So, is all the information about Russia, the election and interference known well beforehand. Is the Intelligence Community’s worry about sources and methods merely public domain information. I vaguely remember information years ago about Russian internet troll activity. Therefore, is the ONLY reason for this Russian hyperactivity solely because Hillary “mentions” it. Evelyn Farkas once said our country has excellent “intelligence” on Russia. Was this “intelligence” Russian from public news sources. Was Clapper’s defense of his report based on the same.

    The highly touted “Internet Research Agency” in Muller’s indictment and the Intelligence Assessment was reported on IN Russia in 2013, including the use of trolls.

    The Atlantic reported on the Russian Online Propaganda Army.

    In 2014 Buzzfeed reports on the “troll army” used by Russia, which ALSO references the Internet Research Agency.

    In all this they (Internet Research Agency / Russia) only had an effect once Hillary began mentioning Russia Russia Russia. Is Mueller just doing all this to, in essence, give Credence to Hillary’s complaint that “Russia” cost her the election. We can conclude with all the evidence that THERE IS NOTHING NEW HERE and the witch hunt should end now. We are NOW giving Russia what they would prefer Most, a divisive country, and ALL those in support of continuing are doing Their Bidding, as McCain would say.

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