Municipal Unions Gone Wild!


My father was a teacher! My wife was a teacher! My Mom was a school secretary! I was a two term President of a PTA and I still don’t understand the teachers in the Freeport, Long Island, School District.

Everyone knows about the desperate financial situation in that school district! Everyone knows that last month, to save money, they FIRED 14 teachers and 12 other workers.


The Teachers were “asked”  –

1-   to defer, for ONLY one year, two thirds of their 1.5 % salary INCREASE, (wish I had a guaranteed salary increase) and

2-   to defer (NOT GIVE UP) a “step increase” for that same year.

Big deal!

In exchange, the District would –

1-   allow teachers to work one less snow day (thank God for global warming)

2-   one less parent-teacher conference day (forget the tax payers or the kids)

3-   12 fewer training hours (I guess those teachers don’t need them) and, GET THIS ONE,

4-   the last day of school would be cut to half day.

In 45 years in the private sector, I HAVE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF SUCH RIDICULOUS LABOR NEGOTIATIONS!  But, let’s continue…

This would save the district $1.63 million dollars and the teachers would only “lose” $4,000 from their NEXT YEAR’S INCREASE. If they did NOT accept this plan, (ready for this one ?) 20 MORE TEACHERS WOULD BE FIRED.

What happened? You guessed it!


But, it gets worse!

1-     the district will reduce it’s full day kindergarten program to a half day.

2-     increase class size

3-     cut many sports and enrichment programs.

Forget the kids!
 Forget the taxpayers! Sounds like the Inmates are truly running the asylum!