Murderous Mother-in-Law Caught on Video Trying to Kill Son-in Law

Cheryl Hepner, Worst Mother-in-Law in the World

This is fairly horrifying. It is an iphone video capture of son-in-law, Salvatore Miglino, being shot at by crazy mother-in-law, Cheryl Hepner, when he went to pick up his three year old son.

The 911 call of her lying to the 911 operator, which is also included here, is almost as bad. Granny sounds like a sociopath with mediocre acting skills. The son-in-law’s 911 call is an interesting contrast, and we know he’s telling the truth because he had the presence of mind to turn the iphone video on.

Halfway through the brief video, she shoots at him twice and he screams, “I can’t believe you did that!” After being shot, Miglino yelled “What, are you crazy?”

After Miglino apparently pinned her to the ground, Hepner said, “Get the f#@k off me you son of a b!&ch.

Granny apparently didn’t like the way the divorce between Miglino and her daughter was going, which is what led to the shooting, though she claims she was protecting her daughter and grandson who weren’t home at the time.

Salvatore Miglino, is okay by the way.

Granny blatantly lied on the 911 call as evidenced by the video. The lying shouldn’t surprise anyone since she was willing to murder him. She is heard on the tape saying her son-in-law “had me down on the floor, on the ground” and pulled a gun on her outside her home. Hepner said, “I tried to grab the gun and shoot.”

In the 911 call by the son-in-law, Miglino, he said that he turned on the iphone video because he knew something stupid was going to happen. Apparently, his wife doesn’t want him to have visiting rights.

Iphone video – be forewarned this is explicit and not for anyone under 18


The following are three contrasting 911 calls from the smoking gun – Click to hear the mother-in-law lying to 911 operator and her shocked son-in-law’s version on his 911 call