Murdoch Empire Under Attack

Rebekah Brooks

Rebekah Brooks, her husband, and four others will be prosecuted for their part in the notorious phone hacking scandal in Britain.

A detective for the now-defunct News of the World hacked into a murdered girl’s phone. News of the World was part of the Murdoch Empire. [CBS News]

Ms. Brooks is being accused of three counts of perverting the course of justice.

I don’t know how guilty Ms. Brooks is or even if she is guilty, but what I do know is they are not prosecuting any of the other papers that did the same thing at different times. The detective they used was used by most news agencies in Britain. He is the one who hacked and he has done so for other papers.

Not to minimize how wrong this was, but there is a witch hunt going on. The scandal occurred in 2002 and they have only just gotten to it since Soros began his attacks on the corporation.

Eric Holder is hoping to bring this scandal to the U.S. though there was no evidence to indicate hacking was done by Murdoch’s empire in the U.S. until Eric started trawling. Now he allegedly has three complainants.

Coincidentally, this is all going on while Soros and his empire, including Media Matters – who meet with or call Obama every week – have come out openly to say they were declaring war on Fox News.

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