Muslim YouTube Star/Hoaxer Lied About Delta Throwing Him Off for Speaking Arabic


Race-baiting Muslim Adam Saleh, who is a youtube sensation, is a sorry excuse for a “star”. He hoaxes Americans with pranks like pretending he was smuggled aboard a plane in a suitcase as you see below. It’s one of his more harmless pranks. Mostly his pranks include themes of terrorism and race-baiting.

His latest wasn’t a prank, but a lie to hurt Delta Airlines and Americans. He claimed that when he spoke Arabic on the phone, Delta kicked him off the plane.

The NY Times interviewed him. They love these stories. Saleh called for a boycott of Delta.

Turns out he lied and was kicked off for disrupting the plane. Soledad O’Brien whose friend was on the plane said he was thrown off for his behavior and for his pranking. His lie earned him more subscribers, which tells us about the sorry state of affairs in this country.