Muslims Violently Attacking Buddhists



Buddhism is a philosophy of peace. To see Buddhists become victims of violence at the hands of the followers of the “peaceful religion” is hard to understand.


While we concern ourselves with the welfare of Libyan rebels, some of whom are Al Qaeda, this humanitarian cause is ignored by the press.

THAILAND: Muslims behead a 9-year-old boy (WARNING: Graphic Images)
Then they hanged or beheaded the rest of his family. Yet another example of Muslim on Buddhist violence in a country where Muslims are only a small minority.
Live Leak – More than than 4000 people from police and teachers to monks and children have been killed in the past 7 years by Muslims in southern Thailand, but hardly a word in the mainstream media. In Southern Thailand Muslim gunmen continue killing and threatening innocent citizens. The Muslim insurgents have threatened to kill 20 teachers and have distributed fliers that said, “WANTED: 20 Deaths of Buddhist teachers.” Muslim terrorists object to the education system which teaches Buddhist culture that is not acceptable in Islam. The attacks are intended to force Buddhists to leave the region because Muslims want to create an independent Muslim nation in the three southern provinces. Read here: Muslim on Buddhist crime