Muslims Opposed to Any Police Monitoring of Areas Populated by Radical Islamists in NYC


“Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those who say this are witless. Islam says: ‘Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all! Kill them, put them to the sword and scatter their armies.’” ~ The Ayatollah Khomeini

One in four Muslim-American youths agree in suicide bombings to defend their religion.

I don’t have a problem with the police investigating those who are suspected of terrorist activities and I don’t have a problem with them being proactive. I’m concerned that the terrorists will use our laws against us to prevent us from using normal police & DHS tactics to keep people safe.

If NYC is hoping to maintain a police force that can protect its citizens from Muslim terrorists, think again. Civil rights groups and protesters are bombarding the AG to take action against Ray Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg for increasing surveillance on Shiite Mosques.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have insisted that police only follow legitimate leads and do not conduct preventative surveillance in ethnic communities. A May 2006 report addressed to Kelly, however, recommended increased spying at mosques and an assessment of the region’s Palestinian community to look for potential terrorists.

“Just the fact of knowing there is someone out there trying to listen to my conversations that can turn me into some kind of criminal, which I’m not, and exploiting my religion, it hurts,” said Sondos Alsilwi, an 18-year-old history major at City College.

I believe that everyone is monitored. A case in point is that of the Brits who were deported for innocent tweets they sent – they weren’t Muslims.

The police are not profiling and they are looking at everyone. The fact is that radical Islam is the greatest threat to Western civilization today and they do need to concentrate on the people who pose the greatest threat. Do you expend most of your resources on monitoring senior citizen complexes or radicalized Mosques?

Another thing that concerned the Muslim community was an informative movie shown during police training. It is called The Third Jihad. There is nothing inaccurate in it and the narrators make certain that they emphasize the radicals are a small number. The movie is in four parts. This is one part. Unfortunately, Ray Kelly stopped showing the film.

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Gateway Pundit:

The New York Times reported:

MORE than a dozen American states are considering outlawing aspects of Shariah law. Some of these efforts would curtail Muslims from settling disputes over dietary laws and marriage through religious arbitration, while others would go even further in stigmatizing Islamic life: a bill recently passed by the Tennessee General Assembly equates Shariah with a set of rules that promote “the destruction of the national existence of the United States.”

Supporters of these bills contend that such measures are needed to protect the country against homegrown terrorism and safeguard its Judeo-Christian values. The Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has said that “Shariah is a mortal threat to the survival of freedom in the United States and in the world as we know it.”

This is exactly wrong. The crusade against Shariah undermines American democracy, ignores our country’s successful history of religious tolerance and assimilation, and creates a dangerous divide between America and its fastest-growing religious minority.

The suggestion that Shariah threatens American security is disturbingly reminiscent of the accusation, in 19th-century Europe, that Jewish religious law was seditious. In 1807, Napoleon convened an assembly of rabbinic authorities to address the question of whether Jewish law prevented Jews from being loyal citizens of the republic. (They said that it did not.)

In case you were wondering what exactly they are promoting here.

Under Sharia law, the clothes you wear, music you listen to, and television you watch would all be censored. Behavior in public is legally restricted and controlled. And Sharia is the ideal social system for those that preach Radical Islam. Sharia is an Arabic term referring to a legal framework to regulate public and private aspects of life based upon specific Islamic teachings. Sharia is an intolerant system that threatens the western ideals of “liberty and justice for all”. Sharia views non-Muslims as second class citizens, sanctions inequality between men and women, prescribes cruel and unusual punishments for crimes, and promotes a restrictive business environment that strangles the freedoms of capitalism