My Doctor Told Me What He Thinks About Electronic Medical Records



Obama’s doctor targeting is working as planned. The photo is of Curly with a target on him.

When I go to doctors’ office now, the first thing I do is ask them if they are ready for Obamacare. I checked in with my doctor today and as soon as the words left my mouth, he groaned loudly and waved his arms in disgust. In a disbelieving tone, he asked me if I heard about the Electronic Medical Records?

He said, “Do you know what the hospital wants me to do now?” They said all doctors have to fill out their patient’s admission forms, no, not fill out, type out!

He asked them, “Don’t you understand doctors my age [he’s in his mid-40’s I’d guess] can’t type? We hunt and peck. I’ll be up until 3:00 in the morning hunting and pecking forms.”

He said one hospital might adopt Dragon which is a program that the doctors can talk into and it will type for them.

All I could think about was what a colossal waste of time it was for a doctor who went to school for decades to now be spending hours typing.

He said, “We know that electronic records do not reduce errors so why are they taking away our privacy and giving us more work, more expense?”

“I will give you the perfect example,” he continued. “I went in to visit a patient. His chart listed his pulse normal, heartbeat normal, he was fine according to this chart. The man is waiting for a HEART TRANSPLANT! He has a primitive metal pump sewn into his chest with this thing coming out that looks like a rubber garden hose. All you hear when you listen to his heart is ‘mmmmmm…mmmm…’ But his records said he was fine!”

My doctor is also concerned about privacy and freedom. He can’t believe we are giving up our freedoms for electronic medical records. He also can’t believe we are spying on the Brazilian and Mexican Presidents. The cat is out of the bag, he said, we no longer have any privacy.

Sadly, he’s right. If there is any way to put the genie back in the bottle, we had better try.