Obama’s Formal Apology to Harmid Karzai & All the Angry People


I am eternally and deeply sorry from the bottom of my weepy heart that four Qurans were burned by accident after they were defiled by their owners. [Even though God’s word was used by the Islamist owners to transport messages of hate, connivance and mischief of the worst order, they are innocent in this.]

Harmid Karzai, King of Afghan Poppy Fields, so deserves my deepest heartfelt pleas for forgiveness after we sacrificed over 1000 American soldiers’ lives and spent billions of dollars to free his people who are obviously most appreciative for all we have done. Harmid is not really corrupt and benefitting from the misery of his people so I enthusiastically apologize to him.

I am so so sorry that we burned four Holy books in the land of female abuse, the land of angry, nasty Taliban. Of course I am even sorrier to the “good” Taliban, [all two or three of them.]

I implore you to forgive us with my tears running like rivers of deep sorrow as I write this.

I understand that you didn’t apologize for murdering our two soldiers and injuring four others because you had a few Holy books accidentally burned and you have your priorities in order – anyone can see that!

Barack on Bended Knee