My Jewish Doctor on Obamacare


One of my doctors is Jewish and I’m in NY so I fully expected him to be a liberal. Turns out he’s not and most doctors in NY are not liberal on Obamacare.

All I have to do these days to get a doctor to talk about Obamacare is say that I’m concerned about my future under Obamacare. Outside of my socialist doctor, no doctor I have spoken with supports Obamacare.

My doctor told me a story of a woman whose life he saved. She would have died of cancer had he not coaxed her into life saving surgery. His reward? Both she and her husband called repeatedly to complain about the $84 bill for his services.

He asked rhetorically why people will pay for everything but healthcare. It’s simple. They believe it’s their right. Doctors, who have sacrificed a third of their life to their education, are expected to provide their services for a negligible fee.

Herein lies the problem with Obamacare. It defines healthcare as a “right” and it guarantees healthcare for “free.” While healthcare will never be free as promised, Obamacare seeks to keep costs down by cutting payments to doctors and hospitals. As a result, the best people will no longer go into medicine.

My doctor said he doesn’t know why Jewish people in particular vote for liberals in the first place given the history of Democrats. He said it was FDR who turned the ship the SS St. Louis back to Germany in 1939. Jewish people couldn’t rely on Democrats then and they won’t be able to rely on them in the future.

Ironically, the Democrats have a reputation for being the party that cares and they care only about the next election. Why else would they spend our children’s money and allow drug cartels and terrorists to come freely across our border?

For those who don’t know the story of the SS St Louis, I’ve included a summary here.

Summary of the voyage of the SS St Louis (the Wyman Institute):

The ship sailed with more than 900 German Jews, most of whom were bound for Cuba where they planned to stay until they could obtain passage to the US in an effort to escape NAZI extermination. The Cubans, mostly because of anti-semitism and xenophobia, refused to allow most of the passengers to disembark.

One woman told a story of rowing out to the ship and seeing her father on board, but not being allowed to get close enough to hear his voice.

The ship was sent away and sailed for Miami where it remained offshore for three days. Most newspapers were sympathetic. It was known as the Voyage of the Damned and the saddest ship afloat. A movie was made about the voyage.

The passengers could see the Miami lights from the ship. Some of the passengers cabled President Franklin D. Roosevelt pleading for refuge. Roosevelt never responded. A Coast Guard cutter came up to the ship and told them to leave.

The State Department and the White House decided not to take measures that would allow them into the US. A State Department telegram sent to a passenger stated that the passengers must “await their turns on the waiting list and qualify for and obtain immigration visas before they may be admissible into the United States.”  The US Naturalization Law quotas was blamed.

Eventually, Republicans alone were blamed. FDR’s legacy is protected by a rewriting of history. He could easily have passed an executive order overruling the law in this case. He chose to do nothing and say nothing because polls showed that 83% of Americans did not want to relax immigration laws.

The ship was sent back to Germany. This was an event being carried out throughout the world – countries would not take the Jews. A Nazi newspaper, Der Weltkampf, reported: “We are saying openly that we do not want the Jews, while the democracies keep on claiming that they are willing to receive them–then leave them out in the cold.”

In 1939, people understood that the passengers would likely be sent back to die though not all admitted it. Most were taken in by European countries, later taken over by the NAZIs. Nearly half of the passengers taken in by France, Belgium and Holland died in concentration camps.

The Jews hoped to come to the US to escape annihilation by the Germans, but by the early 1920’s, the US easy immigration policy tightened up, partly out of anti-semistism and partly out of fear of communism. The 1917 Soviet revolution in Russia sparked anxiety about Communism and the danger that European radicals would import it to America. The changing face of American society as a result of the influx of European immigrants provoked fears of foreigners.

One recent book seeks to cleanse FDR’s image. The book,”Refugees and Rescue,” claims that Roosevelt developed plans in 1938 for the United States to fill its immigration quota with 27,000 Jews from Germany and Austria and to send others to British-held Palestine and friendly nations in Africa and Latin America. There is no evidence of that. That claim flies in the face of reality. Roosevelt continually ignored Hitler’s warnings about his plan to exterminate the Jews.

Three months before the SS St Louis sailed, Senator Robert Wagner (D-N.Y.) and Representative Edith Rogers (R-Mass.) introduced a bill which would have admitted 20,000 Jewish children from Germany above the existing quota.

A remark by FDR’s cousin, Laura Delano Houghteling, the wife of the U.S. commissioner of immigration, typified the feelings of the public at the time. She said that “20,000 charming children would all too soon grow into 20,000 ugly adults.”

Eleanor Roosevelt wanted her husband to support the bill and he told her that he would not object if she supported it. She never did. When a congresswoman inquired as to the president’s position, on the bill, FDR returned the note to his secretary marked “File No action FDR.”

FDR was more interested in becoming president for a third term than taking on the bigots. He was a ruthless politician.

No matter how the history is rewritten, those are the facts. A Democratic president showed no mercy to the victims of Hitler’s murderous tyranny. After this, it was obvious that the US would not rescue the Jews and FDR would not lift a hand to help them.