My Socialist Tour Guide Showed Me the Way Things Work

The Remarkable Hoover Dam & the 125 Mile Lake Mead, Largest Man-Made Lake in the United States

I went to Vegas this week because I wanted to see the Hoover Dam. I had a socialist tour guide who thought we’d enjoy the trip more with some political brainwashing, that was after he told us how much he wanted us to tip him. I thought socialists gave their money to others?

He explained that there were no unemployment problems in Nevada and to not believe those 14+% unemployment figures. The only ones without jobs were 90% of the construction workers – that’s all.

Everyone else has a job and they make the grand sum of $8.25 for the most part. There are plenty of those jobs to go around for everyone. Fabulous!

Teachers make $24,000 a year. Super!

Houses are priced well. I can get a condo there for $65,000 and a grand house for $109,000. That doesn’t sound like a great housing boom to me, but that’s me.

My guide, Spencer, explained that the Dam was built on the sweat of the poor with 97 deaths. [This was during the depression] The rich cared nothing about the deceased according to Spencer. All the rich cared about was getting the dam built. I don’t know what he bases this on but Spencer’s hatred for the rich was palatable.

So my trip was marred by a political diatribe followed by an endless droning of infomercials promoting all of Spencer’s friends’ restaurants and bars which he hoped we would visit.

Did I at least get to see the Hoover Dam, the one thing I went to Vegas to see? Well, I saw the outside.

After we stood in line for an hour-and-a-half, we had to get off line and did not get to see the turbines because Spencer had us terrorized into thinking he’d leave if we were five minutes late. He does not wait, he said, and I believe him. So much for socialist humanitarianism.

Oh, by the way, this anti-capitalist wanted a total of $915 in tips from the tourists who had already paid $140 apiece.

Sounds like capitalism to me, but Spencer is a socialist.