My Visit With A Socialist Doctor – What Can I Say, It’s New York


“The capitalists will sell us the rope we will hang them with.” Commie slogan

I went to the doctor’s office today. My doctor is a socialist. What can I say, it’s New York. We have lots of socialists here.

I’m not going to give out this doctor’s name because I need her, but I’m not really wild about her political views. I’ll call her Dr. A. She is a good doctor and she does care about her patients. Beyond that, I’d say she’s a screwball.

I told her I was concerned about the Obamacare bill [my mistake] and Dr. A said negative comments about Obamacare were just scare tactics put out by the party of morons [that would be the Republican Party]. Since I joined the Republican Party last year, that would also be me. In fairness, she must assume I’m a liberal because I am a school administrator. She couldn’t know that I’m a rebel.

She went on to talk about global warming [it was a slow day in the office] and she is convinced we can stop it because we caused it, which is not as certain a concept in my mind. All Republicans don’t believe global warming is real, she said. I don’t know where she is getting that. I think Republicans are reasonably concerned about the environment.

Her big idea is that unbridled capitalism has been very destructive to our economy. In fact, capitalism period has been destructive to our economy. She said this even though she is a beneficiary of capitalism and lives the good life.

Dr. A said she was happy to see doctors facing the financial troubles that would be caused by Obamacare since they all deserve it. Her belief is that we all – all of us – deserve a bad healthcare system since we should have established universal healthcare 75 years ago like all the other civilized countries.

Countries like France, Switzerland, and Germany have great universal healthcare, she said. I know nothing about Switzerland and Germany but I do know the French doctors make less than auto mechanics. Her response was, oh, yes, the French don’t have a good system, but the Swiss and Germans do.

All the problems, she explained are because the Republicans are the party of morons and they have to cater to morons, religious zealots, stupid people without any education, the same morons who don’t want to abort babies for instance. The same morons who don’t like Planned Parenthood. She claimed that Planned Parenthood is the only healthcare system for poor black women in the south. I can’t answer to that right now but it is hard to believe.

Appalachia is what we are thanks to the Republicans. Even worse, she said, they have put us into the Stone Age. And those Catholics, they’re even worse, she said that until 1992 they didn’t admit the earth revolved around the sun. Hmmm…..I think what she meant is that they cleared Galileo of wrongdoing in 1992. [Those kinds of things come up from time-to-time and are not something that are Catholic-Church-specific]

Poor Obama, she exclaimed, the poor man was only in office for four months and had to go to great lengths to pass a much-needed healthcare bill because of the implacable Republicans. [I know, the poor man had to bribe and threaten people, poor dear]

Dr. A never heard of IPAB or the dangers it presents for seniors and the handicapped.

How could the party of morons actually think they could win with that Romney. He was such an evil, hate-filled man [Huh?] said Dr A.

Republicans are uncompromising, backward, evil people, she added. I dared to mention Obama’s absurd plan to avoid the fiscal cliff to which she became agitated and said that’s because I don’t understand history and what FDR went through.

Don’t I read Paul Krugman? she asked.

Paul Krugman! I can’t stand Paul Krugman! I had the displeasure of meeting him once. Krugman is an arrogant socialist.

I told her I read enough of Krugman.

Yes, but did you read all of Krugman?

I said I read a lot of Krugman.

She said, but did you read all of Krugman?

I said I read enough of Krugman.

You need to read all of Krugman she said.

I said I’m not a Keynesian and I’ve read all I will ever read of Krugman. I don’t like socialism.

She slammed some papers down on the desk and said, so, you don’t like the public school system? I said I don’t want the government to run everything but have no problem with public school systems. She jumped up and left. [If she ever saw my website, she’d probably poison me]

She came back, much calmer, and said she agreed that the Obamacare bill leaves room for improvement. A big admission from a rigid ideologue.

Oh, and I mustn’t forget, she said there are no extreme lefties, just extreme right wingers.

The really ironic thing is that I had a book with me that she would never have approved of – The Federalist. She kept trying to see the title.

I wasn’t sick when I went to see her but I’m feeling a little queasy now.

Communists, Socialists and Democratic Socialists all define themselves differently but they are united in this country for one purpose and that is to enslave us to the government. They are all the same people in the end.

[Nota Bene: Writer Dell Hill included two links which bear more witness to the doctor’s lack of knowledge –

You might put her some knowledge by recommending this: Switzerland’s healthcare system

And if she thinks healthcare in Germany is just like Obamacare, she has yet another thought coming. What Americans refer to as a government plan is not a government plan at all in Germany. Those on a so-called national plan have 145 non-profit insurance companies to choose from and the government has no say in how the companies are run. A board composed of workers and employers runs the show.

She might want to do “the Google”: German healthcare