My Visit With My Conservative Doctor



Yes, there are Conservatives in New York! And many of them are doctors.

I recently wrote an article about my Socialist doctor so it’s only fair that I give equal time to my Conservative doctor who loves Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Sounded good to me so I asked her what she thought about Obamacare. I thought she’d choke as she tried to quickly list all the problems with the law.

I told her that we will all be on a Medicaid system eventually because the country doesn’t have the money to do otherwise, especially now that we cover every person who comes here illegally.

This doctor is a plastic surgeon and she said that she does take Medicaid patients for charitable purposes and asked me what I thought she got for a complete Rhinoplasty, reconstructing the nose inside and out.

I said that I knew it would be really low.

She said, “Come on, guess.”

I said, “Okay, a lowball figure, $3000.”

She said, “No, how about $72! The General Practioners get more for office visits than I get for a complete nose job. Then I have to listen to all the nurses rave about Obama. Yet, they can’t figure out why some are being fired because the hospital is out of money.”

She said that there is a mandate that all medical schools have to accept 15% black students no matter what their ability or GPA and there are some with low GPA’s getting into the program.

I know that this happens. This is the “fair” environment we are in. They think you’re a bigot if you want a system based on merit as opposed to gender, sexual persuasion, and/or race. I know I will be called a bigot for saying that we shouldn’t take a certain number of black or Hispanic or Native-American students based on their race, but I don’t care. It’s nonsense and it’s not fair.

I’m thinking of applying to medical school and saying I’m a gay minority. Let them prove I’m not. I’ll sue them for bigotry.

She told me that one of the doctors she works with is gay and she voted for Obama because she had no choice. My doctor said to her, “Why did you have no choice? What did you think Romney was going to do to you?” Apparently the gay doctor didn’t have an answer.

She said that a lot of our money goes to “free” healthcare for illegal people. I know that’s true. I went in for a MRI and there were several non-English speaking foreigners ahead of me (NY is a sanctuary state so we have many, many illegal people here).  The hospital has to hire interpreters to communicate with them. I overheard the MRI tech complaining that not one of them was here legally or had insurance. Each test costs $3700.

Rationing is coming but seniors will be the first on the chopping block. Actually rationing is already here. Payments to hospitals are being cut and the hospitals are starting to feel the pain. If they re-admit the same senior to the hospital in one month, they get fined and that’s just one of the insane Obamacare laws that has taken effect.

Those are the cuts Obama was talking about! See, he has cut something!

I like my Conservative doctor better than my Socialist doctor. Too bad a plastic surgeon can’t be my general practitioner.