N.Korean Army: Fifth Largest Military in theWorld


N.Korean Army 6 days ago
N.Korean Army 6 days ago

via telegraph.co.uk

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Retired Gen. James Marks on N.Korea: “They have a million men under arms, that’s only the active component, the reserve component has about 8 million, folks. They are the largest reserve component in the world and they can be mobilized at a moment’s notice.They are very highly trained…over a 100,000 special operations forces (Air Force) and there’s the navy…”

They have been training since the first Korean War.

For now, British diplomatics are not leaving as warned, tourists are completing tours, and President Obama has reduced US rhetoric in the hope it will reduce theirs.

N. Koreans have moved two missile launchers to the south which would put them within range of military bases in Guam. Our president has engaged the air defense system, the brainchild of President Ronald Reagan. Any attack by North Korea on South Korea would bring the forces of the international world down upon them.

Our weaponry could wipe them off the face of the earth.

While this crisis continues, President Obama’s campaigning, fund raising and partying continues. He’s multi-tasking.