Name That Corporation


Let’s play “name that corporation.”

  1. During the tenure of it’s ex-CEO, the stock fell by more than 80%!
  2. This “talented” CEO will now collect a severance package of $24 Million dollars!
  3. This package includes a “performance” award of $5.4 million dollars !
  4. She will also receive, as part of her “fair-well present.” a $4,5 million dollar contract for 2012, to be a “consultant” for up to 12 hours a month ( I guess to continue her “fabulous” business record and achievements at this company.)
  5. This consulting job will earn her $25,000 per hour.
  6. Her total package  (ready for this one ???) equals 60% of the companies ENTIRE NET LOSSES for 2012!!!  Most telling, to hide their shameful behavior, they publicly released this embarrassing  information late on a Friday afternoon.

OK — here we go!!!

No cheating! Don’t look further down!!


I’ll give you a hint!

It wasn’t General Motors.

It wasn’t AIG

Not Fannie or Freddie .

OK , give up???

It’s THE NEW YORK TIMES and it’s departed CEO Janet Robinson!

 Occupy Wall Street! The selfish non tax-paying rich folks!

One word describes the New York Times –HYPOCRITE!!!