Nancy Pelosi Laughs Idiotically at Saying President Donald Trump


Her idiotic laugh comes from her inability to call Donald Trump the President. She struggles addressing Donald Trump by his official title, “President.”

What would anyone like her who disrespects authority.

“I noticed you don’t say ‘President Trump,’” Scott Shafer, an editor at California public news station KQED, said to Pelosi at an event at The Commonwealth Club of California.

“It’s hard,” Pelosi said to cheers from the audience.

She tried to blame Trump for it, saying he doesn’t have respect for the position. The goofy woman is very upset at the first woman president losing.


Remember when the Democrats demanded Donald Trump accept the results of the election.


  1. Nancy Pelosis will be flushed down the toilet before she stops laughing, she is pure unadulterated poopoo

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