Nancy Pelosi – Reaching Out to Republicans


In the video below, Nancy Pelosi vehemently rants against Republicans who want to cut the deficit. Keep in mind that Federal spending averages $300 billion a month; we take in $180 billion a month; our national debt is larger than the total economies of China, the United Kingdom, and Australia combined; and the interest on our debt is $2 million dollars a minute. Does Nancy think this insane spending can go on endlessly and unabated?

Basically, she says on video: …of course, she wants to save money if she can, but the Republicans don’t care about that…the debt ceiling debate is only about Republicans wanting to destroy government, food safety, clean air, clean water (Editor’s note: she’s got us there, all Republicans want food, air and water as dirty as possible), the Department of Education (Editor’s note: oh, now there’s a successful government agency – 2/3 rds of our children graduate with inferior reading and math skills), your rights, they do not like government (Editor’s note: huh?), they are riding an engine of support…oh, okay, we have to reduce the deficit (Editor’s note: where’s the plan Nancy? – Oh, silly me, I forgot, we have to pass unread bills with no details to find out what’s in them).

You might want to meander over to Judicial Watch and see how Nancy Pelosi wasted taxpayer dollars on aircraft for herself and her causes. So much for her attending to her carbon footprint. Read here: Judicial Watch