Nanny Bloomberg: Hide the Cigarettes from the People



You are now allowed concealed carry in NY. No, not guns, cigarettes.

Do you want to know who these lefties are? Who they really are and where they are taking us? Take a look at Nanny Mayor Bloomberg and what he is doing now that he doesn’t have to worry about re-election and has “more flexibility.”

Bloomberg wants store owners to hide cigarettes. He hasn’t banned them from selling them – yet. He wants them hidden from children and he wants to stop people from smoking (he also hates guns, salt, big sodas, sugar, trans-fats, baby formula, earphones, styrofoam et al). He wants to make sure all marketing of cigarettes stops. He is the ruler of NYC because he thinks the people are too stupid to lead their own lives.

This is in a city where people walk around smoking bongs without repercussions but they can’t smoke cigarettes anywhere, including in many rental and attached homes.

Check out the interesting and funny Right Brothers on radio talking about Nanny Bloomberg at about 00:13 (you might want to listen to all of it):
Right Bros Radio

Full story at the NY Times who are unsurprisingly A-Ok with this.