Nanny Bloomberg’s Dumb Sugary Drink Ban Just Got Dumber


Bloomie chowing down

Nanny Bloomberg is not going to be happy with Starbucks! Starbuck’s interpretation of his new sugary drink ban allows them to continue selling their 20-ounce drinks. They don’t believe the ban applies to them and they are not making any changes just yet.

Starbucks says that their signature drinks aren’t subjected to the ban because they are milk-based.

Nanny Bloomberg pushed the NYC Board of Health to pass a ban on sugary drinks of more than 16-ounces as a way of addressing the country’s alleged obesity problem. The Board of Health added the proviso that there would be no impact on 20-ounce cups of coffee unless more than four packets of sugar were added.

Starbucks is going to customize their drinks by not putting sugar in them. They will supply the sugar and it’s up to the patrons to put the sugar in.

One mom-and-pop is getting around the ban by offering a deal for people who buy two 16-ounce drinks.

Where there is a will, there is a way, even in nanny New York, which is why these laws never work. They only require more laws and more restrictions.

Who is Bloomberg anyway to tell people how much soda they are allowed to drink?