Nanny Cali, Leading the Nation Into Bankruptcy


California can’t pass the nanny laws fast enough. Case in point, Bill AB 889, the California domestic bill of rights, has passed the Cali Assembly and aims at providing rights to domestic care workers. It should double the cost of child care and senior care in no time. The bill is equivalent to unionizing care workers – it’s card check without one member vote and no input from employers.

Among the provisions, this bill provides the following:
-Overtime pay for babysitters, nannies and caregivers who work more than 40 hours a week or more than eight hours a day
–A five-day per week maximum without a day off
–Workers compensation coverage for nannies and babysitters
–Meal and rest break requirements
—Allows nannies, caregivers and babysitters to sue if any of the rights granted by the bill are abrogate

In order to provide these benefits, a second nanny will be required since they’ll be need substitutes for their rest breaks and lunches.

I eagerly await all the lawsuits that should follow from nannies looking for a payday.

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