Nanny East Hampton – Decorate Store Windows or Pay A Fine


According to Newsday, East Hampton is demanding that storekeeps decorate their windows in the winter months when they are closed or face a $250 dollar a day fine. Brown paper will no longer do. It’s apparently the first-ever kind of law on Long Island – East Hampton nannies are leading the way.

For Rent signs must be on the bottom right. Storefronts vacant for more than two weeks must have a display of products, art work, or other materials which would make the windows less empty. Any graphics or posters put up must be at least 4 feet from the window.

The government will never stop telling people what to do and there will be no end to what they will require of us.

I know how I’d handle it but they’d probably pass a law stating that anything pro-Bush or anti-Obama is offensive and worthy of a fine or imprisonment.