Nanny Elk Grove California to Ban Smoking In Peoples’ Homes If They’re Poor


Elk Grove is going to ban smoking in peoples’ own homes if they are living in apartment buildings. So if you have enough money to live in a detached home, you can still smoke. The liberties of the poor who want to smoke in their homes becomes collateral damage since many people in apartments are poor.

Hundreds of apartment complexes already have smoking bans and this ban is unnecessary.

The Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley opposes such an ordinance — saying rental owners, not the city of Elk Grove, should decide on the appropriate policy for their properties.

The association said in a prepared statement that several other Sacramento communities have examined the issue and decided to seek to educate owners about the benefits of adopting no-smoking policies rather than outright bans.

The apartment owners who want the ban are worried about second hand smoke traveling.

It is not only Elk Grove, this is going on all over the country and most people favor it. See here: No Smoke

The problem is they are giving up liberty for this and allowing government to intrude in peoples’ personal lives. What’s next? Candy? Fattening foods? Computer games?

You will be happy to know that “medicinal” marijuana is okay.

In Union City, people face a $1000 fine if they light up in their apartment.It is only a matter of time before they ban smoking in all homes and make it a crime to smoke at all.