Nanny Massachusetts Bans School Cake Sales


Read this and weep. It’s everyone’s future in the once free United States.

Nanny Massachusetts is banning school bake sales. The excuse is obesity, which is expected to rise by 42%. I wonder if that 42% figure is from the same people who do the faked unemployment figures.

We don’t need the nanny government controlling every aspect of our lives. They are taking our freedom away.

FoxNews: …As of August 1, unhealthy foods sold during bake sales, classroom parties, in vending machines and during non-lunch hours will be banned.

The ban will apply 30 minutes before, during and after classes in public schools.

The changes are part of the state’s new nutritional standards aimed at fighting childhood obesity.

Parents and some school officials are upset over a ban they say will hit their wallets, making it harder to raise money for expenses such as class trips and athletic equipment.

I just reported about this last week –

Last March, Massachusetts schools banned candy, soda, french fries and chocolate milk from school lunches. Actually, there is a blanket ban of all sugary sodas and sweet snacks, fried foods, and potato chips. That ban covers vending machines.

Boston banned soda, sugary drinks and even sweet tea on all city property.

Food coloring is banned. They tried to ban circumcision.

State environmental officials are going to ban hospitals, universities, hotels, large restaurants, and other big businesses and institutions in Massachusetts from discarding food waste in the trash starting in 2014, something they will extend to homes in the future. They want it to go to compost sites and it won’t be cheap as this is being rushed through.

Concord, Massachusetts banned bottled water because it’s in plastic bottles.

The Massachusetts Uniform Securities Act bans any advertising by anyone offering unregistered securities and it is so broad that it prevents non-investors such as journalists, academics, students from receiving truthful, non-misleading information about hedge funds.

It is so broad that it bans learning the truth and is a clear violation of the First Amendment. Once these broad laws are passed, the government can do anything they want with them.

Now they are trying to pass a law in Massachusetts to ban pit bulls, which might include American Staffordshire, Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier or mix of the aforementioned breeds. A number of towns require all pit bulls be muzzled. Passing a bill against a specific breed will lead to other breeds eventually because other dogs can bite also. Iran just passed a law outlawing dogs as pets – shall we move in that direction?

I could go on, there is no end it seems to the Massachusetts bans. Read more: Independent Sentinel