Nanny NY, Leading the Nation in Nannyism



We want to give air conditioners to low income earners with serious medical conditions. I don’t mean this sarcastically. Of course, we want to give to those in need, however, the organization in charge concerns me. The LI Progressive Coalition is an ACORN affiliate or ally, oh, excuse me, ACORN is now the NY Communities for Change. 

New York taxpayers are now buying and installing air conditioners for low-income wage earners with serious (I wonder) medical conditions. This is being done under the auspices of the Long Island Progressive Coalition, as in the social justice, sustainable development, get the vote out, Progressive Democrats Coalition. So far as I can tell, you can be here illegally to get one (or more?).

Are these low income wage earners inclusive of people who make more but work off the books? Do they include substance abusers and lazy people? I’m just asking.

Well, why not anyway, we buy low income earners Blackberrys, large screen TV’s, and, in some cases, houses. I don’t know about cars, but it wouldn’t surprise me. In Massachusetts, they definitely buy them cars. Don’t forget, tomorrow is the day the President is discussing whether or not to rent out foreclosed homes throughout the country (sound like Marxism to you?)

I don’t begrudge poor people with health issues getting air conditioners, but, this group is a far left group and I don’t want to give them money. I want to choose my own charities. This coalition is not charitable in the usual sense, it is redistributive. They want your stuff so the can give it to people who didn’t earn the stuff for their ideology’s sake.

We know there will be fraud and waste; the government has a track record of handing out money with nonexistent oversight. There will be  a rash of asthma patients lining up for  free air conditioners. Remember the free money we put in peoples’ bank accounts so they could buy school supplies and much of it went for anything but?

Anyway, the Progressive Coalition is on a social justice, redistributive mission and it will not be focused on the validity of the requests.

Has anyone in Albany noticed we are overtaxed? Are air conditioners a “right” now? The state is adding to the “entitlement” voters and that’s not good. I grew up poor, with asthma, never had an air conditioner, and never expected the government to buy me one and, amazingly, I SURVIVED.

The government is taking over the jobs that charities have always done with our tax money and  I know how effective they will be at it; just look at their outstanding management of the post office.

I’m sure nanny New York’s charitable foundation program won’t be corrupt, mismanaged or fraudulent in any way and I’m just being selfish. Now I’m being sarcastic.

Website for the Progressive Coalition, which is an affiliate of the Citizen Action of NY. Both organizations hate the rich, hate corporations and love union thuggism, love the environment too much, adore entitlements, push the Democratic vote, and have “ACORN” ideologies. In fact, they work together as allies, possibly affiliates. Click here for a case in point.

From Newsday: “Low-income Long Islanders who have medical conditions that make heat dangerous to their health can receive a free air conditioner under an emergency cooling program funded by New York State.

The Long Island Progressive Coalition is administering the program here. Under the program, window air conditioners will be delivered and installed free of charge through August or while funding lasts.”  Click here for information.