Nantucket Project Replaced Gorbachev with McCain, a Natural Alternative




John McCain, the Progressive Republican, and Barack Obama

The Nantucket Project, a think tank claiming to be non-partisan, couldn’t get Michail Gorbachev as a speaker because he will be in surgery so they naturally turned to Senator John McCain. McCain will join ‘world class thinkers and innovators’ and people of ‘enormous accomplishments’ like Chris Matthews aka Tingles.

The Nantucket Project hopes to change the way the world thinks. Their vision is ‘to bring together a select group of eminent and accomplished visionaries, thinkers, innovators and performers to one of the most storied places in the United States.’ They are thrilled with the results of prior meetups which included the likes of Rahm Emanuel. The results were ‘stunning,’ they say.

Their theme for 2013 is Seek the truth. Endure the consequences. They quote far-left ‘feminist’ Gloria Steinem on their site, The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. Progressives like to say down-to-earth things like that to pretend they don’t live in an Ivory Tower.

They laud the collective Intelligence which they believe may be used as powerful tool to increase human happiness and prosperity.

Tickets are a whopping $3,250 each. Only the elite need attend.

Speakers at the Nantucket Project, who meet in the ‘most storied place’ of Nantucket but don’t actually live there, claim to have a cross-disciplinary group of participants, which features hedge fund managers, CEOs, artists, filmmakers, poets and writers who all share one thing in common – they are ‘on the cutting-edge.’

if McCain is their token Republican, they haven’t extended their reach too far beyond the left. McCain has stood with leftists Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer while calling conservatives like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz ‘wacko birds.’ He votes with Democrats on the important issues like immigration reform.

Recently, when Ted Cruz was speaking on the Senate floor, Democrats tried to get him to yield his time to John McCain which he didn’t do. Democrats yielded their time and McCain said that even if a senator doesn’t like Obamacare, President Obama was reelected and we should all “respect the outcomes of elections which reflect the will of the people. Schumer thanked him afterwards for his ‘outstanding remarks as usual.’

McCain’s aide recently said that McCain ‘hates’ Ted Cruz. McCain frequently brags about his friends Bill and Hillary Clinton.

McCain is also popular with the far-left wingers in Move On. He is their poster boy for his work on gun control.

Maybe it’s time for John McCain to become an official Democrat. He’s not only a RINO, he’s Mikhail Gorbachev’s replacement.