Narrowing the Search for Flight MH370 to Somewhere Between the Arctic Circle and Pakistan



It’s been nearly two weeks since Malaysian flight MH370 disappeared and the theories far outweigh any real evidence. Some believe there was a catastrophic event on board that caused it to fly for 7 hours as a ghost ship with no living person on board. Others believe the disappearance was related to an act of terror involving the pilots or passengers.

One CNN talking head threw out the possibility that the supernatural or black holes were related to the disappearance when he seemed to run out of things to say – CNN has been running coverage of the plane crash 24/7.

NBC posted an article titled, “Could new flight 370 satellite photos be nothing but ocean junk?” That is a wise observation. As they say in their article, there are 10,000 containers alone washed over the sides of ships each year, and that’s just containers. The odds of those white blots on the 5-day old satellite photos being debris and actually being found are remote says one aviation professor.

New South Wales aviation professor, Jason Middleton, was quoted by NBC as saying, “The chances of it being debris from the airplane are probably small, and the chances of it being debris from other shipping are probably large,” he told the Associated Press.

Not everyone agrees. One industry journalist said the objects are too long to be containers. She also said the loss of containers is nowhere near that number. Maybe yes, maybe no. The ocean is full of human junk, from docks to earthquake debris to oil slicks.

If these people find something floating in the North Pole, they’ll head up there and wonder why they didn’t think to search there sooner.

The truth is that the objects in the satellite photos are blurred and indistinct. No one knows what they are.

There is no scenario right now that anyone can settle on. There are some powerful voices who say it is an act of terror.

Megyn Kelly interviewed two experts last evening on The Kelly File.

She interviewed, John Lucich, a commercial pilot, who said that there have been missed and delayed opportunities. He also said he believes these people landed some place, they have hostages, and they have a plane.

Also interviewed was the lead FBI investigator in the Flight 800 crash off Long Island, James Kallstrom. He believes there are a few choices: the pilots wanted to kill themselves but they had ample opportunity to do that; they wanted to “cause a major stir” but they had ample opportunity to do that: or they wanted to take the plane for other reasons. He believes it is the latter for now.

The catastrophic failure doesn’t ring true for Mr. Kallstrom. If you can believe the information they are giving us, they didn’t Mayday, they continued to fly, and they turned and drove 90 miles before saying good night, without mentioning a word to control.

Kallstrom doesn’t think the ghost ship theory has a high probability of being the operative one.

Kallstrom said the plane could be in Pakistan and the government might know it but they can’t say anything. He would fire any employee who revealed anything of this nature. He said he won’t be surprised if we find this plane somewhere.

The two experts:

Lt. General McInerney said that a Boeing source told him they believe the plane is in Pakistan though Boeing denies it. The distance from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, the flight route for the day, is the same distance from Kuala Lumpur to Pakistan.