Nasally Senator from Minnesota Al Franken Tries to Belittle Jeff Sessions


Ignoring the real Russia collusion between the Clintons, the FBI, DoJ in the sale of a U.S. uranium mine to Russia, the Democrats tried to belittle and berate Attorney General Sessions during a Senate hearing Wednesday.

Nitpicking and parsing words, globalist and failed Air America host, Al Fanken claimed Attorney General Jeff Sessions subtly changed his story about whether he spoke with Russians.

Jeff Sessions has asked and answered this question over and over. He concisely answered the questions he was asked but didn’t elaborate which leaves people with the ability to say he changed his story. In fact, it was the questions that changed.

Franken spent 15 minutes berating Attorney General Jeff Sessions about statements he made during his confirmation hearings, statements that are now basically irrelevant. Then he tried to not let Sessions answer but Sessions wouldn’t allow it.

As he has said many times before, Sessions said he answered the question in the context in which it was asked and states that he did so honestly and in keeping with his high ethical standards.

After using up all the time, he wouldn’t give Sessions time to answer.

Franken monopolized the time, with long, rambling, accusatory questions and minimal time for a response.

Grassley allowed Sessions time to answer but Democrats whined. It limited the time they hoped to use to put the AG down.

This whole debate was meaningless. Sessions needs to clean up the corrupt FBI and DoJ and he needs to investigate the real Russia collusion of the Obama administration with Russia.

The nasally Franken knows Sessions isn’t a Russian spy or troll, he’s just being a jerk.

It was nice to see the old feisty Sessions back.


  1. Someone should point out that Franken was “satisfied” with the answer that Sessions gave at that time. What does it say about a state that elects such a no-talent bum, and also elects an idiot Governor Ventura.

    I suffered through watching the entire hearing fully expecting some revelations from the AG. First of all, is that Judiciary Committee primarily made up of Democrats, as there were few Republicans in attendance. It ended up being a complete waste of my time.

    Sen. Grassley has been emphatic of late about getting documents released and requiring further information yet his questioning was sorely lacking on these matters. What was lacking in any questioning whatsoever is the explosive reports regarding the involvement of Clinton herself, Rosenstein, Mueller, McCabe, the DOJ itself and others in what can be considered some type of cover-up. The evidence suggests there was a fall-guy prosecuted since the DOJ has issued NDA’s against witnesses in the case which includes bribery, extortion and other serious crimes. This CoverUp specifically allowed the infamous Uranium One deal to go through. Not one question was asked in uncovering serious crimes by Government officials. Those SAME officials are NOW involved in going after Trump and supposed Russian involvement. It cannot be overlooked of Mueller’s involvement in this escapade since it was HE who was to shuttle a Uranium sample TO the Russians. HE was the Director of the FBI at the time and said absolutely Nothing to the parties involved in the Uranium One deal. Is his goal NOW to find Some way, Any way to tie this to Trump and accuse HIM of being the main conspirator. Or the possibility can be this is a diversion to find something, anything that will cause a media storm against Trump, once again, so as to Further hide his involvement, along with Rosenstein, McCabe and possibly the Entire Justice Department.

    The lack of interest by virtually EVERY Damn Republican is becoming a national embarrassment and supports the contention that Bannon is fully justified and righteous in his plan to get rid of these worthless politicians. And we have the great intellectual Ted Cruz. I really expected his line of questioning to have substance yet he shows time after time his skills are highly overrated.

    More and more we learn that Congressional hearings are nothing but a facade of “doing” the country’s business. We certainly find there is no effort to uncover corruption Within Government but we WILL get to the bottom of corruption with “Footballs” and other nonsense. I firmly believe they are in Fear of uncovering corruption because, just because it may return onto them for their OWN corruption. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?

  2. So is Stewart Smalley now upset that it’s been Shown that the obama admin covered up the russia /uranium scandal for hildog? Or does the one sided hypocrite think that’s ok?!

  3. Al Franken is literally a turd in a suit. He was a mediocre comedian, a failed liberal talk show host (Air America could not draw an audience large enough to support itself.), and is now the court jester in the Senate. He fancies himself as an witty intellectual though he fails so miserably that even a dimwitted idiot could easily see it.

    There’s a photo of a grown up Al Franken in diapers, wearing bunny ears and holding a large stuffed Teddy bear. I wish I could post it here.

    Al Franken

    …the bunny boy!

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