National Geographic Will Release Faux Version of Osama bin Laden Raid Two Days Before Election


National Geographic is releasing the first Osama bin Laden raid film two days before the election on November 4th. It is not being released for political reasons according to National Geographic honchos.

“Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden,” is being released from The Weinstein Co. and Voltage Pictures. Weinstein is a big Obama bundler, which has nothing to do with the release date either, of course.


National Geographic press release:

SEAL TEAM SIX is a film that will provide our viewers with the first full length dramatization detailing one of the war on terrorism’s most crucial and historic events. It also showcases the extraordinary bravery and resourcefulness of the United States military and national security teams. The National Geographic Channel has no political agenda, and believes that audiences can and will judge projects of this type on their own merits. National Geographic Channel also has a reputation of getting inside access, and bringing big events to our viewers first — for instance, we were the first and only network to have an exclusive with George W. Bush for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 (our highest rated show last year). SEAL TEAM SIX is a drama inspired by the real events of how the U.S. finally found Osama bin Laden in the network’s first feature film and scripted project marking the continued expansion of our programming.

If you’ll notice it’s a drama “inspired by” the real story which gives them license to lie. It differs greatly from the one portrayed by an actual SEAL who was one of the first into the Osama compound and wrote a book about the raid, No Easy Day.

The film is directed by John Stockwell who hints at the glorification of Obama’s role:

“We all know now the ultimate outcome of the President’s decision to green light the mission,” said Stockwell. “But what was fascinating to me were all the potentially disastrous outcomes of the decision to give the go ahead to the raid that the movie highlights. It hopefully gets inside the challenges of making a decision that could have derailed a presidency.” [Monsters & Critics]

Obama was golfing before the raid and it hopefully didn’t interfere with his game.

Spiking the football at the DNC Convention likely had something to do with the riots throughout the Muslim world in which protesters frequently chanted, Obama, Obama, we are all Osama.” Now we’re going to spike the football with this movie.

This is the real story that National Geographic won’t show:

I refuse to watch it. In fact, we canceled our National Geographic subscription.