National Popular Vote – NYS Bill S4208/AB489 Alert – This Scam Has to Be Voted Down



National Popular Vote for the Presidential Election – New York State Bill S4208/AB489

There is an urgent matter at hand in New York — the National Popular Vote plan is about to come up for a vote and if you don’t ask your representatives to vote against it, the Presidential election could be changed irrevocably.

New York is critical in this process and the NYS bill has been sent to elections for a vote. If you don’t know what NPV is, please take the time to check out the information at the end of this message.

Your action NOW can make the difference because the New York Legislature will soon be considering legislation to warp the Electoral College, not reform it as the Progressives falsely claim.

The movement is being led by Marxists. George Soros’ son Scott was one of three who conceived the idea. It allows individual states to backdoor amend the Constitution of the United States by circumventing the mandate for a constitutional amendment. There is more and it is worse than that.

Click here to find the name of your NYS Assemblyman.  Click here for your State Senator here. Click here for Governor Cuomo. 

Send an email and ask them to stop it!!!

Demand Progress sent me the original letter asking me to send letters to our representatives in New York and urging me to vote FOR the National Popular Vote Compact – please do the OPPOSITE.

Look at who Demand Progress is –

The activist site, Demand Progress, was founded by Aaron Swartz, the 24-year-old political activist, prominent computer programmer, and former ethics fellow at Harvard arrested in January for computer hacking. In January 2009, Swartz also co-founded the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), which is a George Soros-funded “project.” Schwartz is also tied into Free Press led by admitted-Marxist, Robert McChesney. Schwartz’ mentor, Lawrence Lessig, serves on its board of advisors.[Source Aaron Klein]

When the Marxists send out emails, it is time to listen. They want us all to ask our NYS representatives to push for the National Popular Vote Compact in New York so please do the opposite.  It has been forwarded to elections for a vote:

Look at the left wing groups who support the NPVC: The National Popular Vote bill is endorsed by the League of Women Voters, Common Cause, FairVote, Sierra Club, the Brennan Center for Justice, NAACP, National Black Caucus of State Legislators, ACLU, the National Latino Congreso, Asian American Action Fund, DEMOS, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, Public Citizen, U.S. PIRG, and Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund. [Really makes me want to support this thing.]

The bill has been endorsed by newspapers such as the Hartford Courant, New York Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, Boston Globe, Sacramento Bee, and many more. [Oh boy, they got me now.]

As the Sarasota Florida Herald Tribune said: “The most compelling and practical alternative is promoted by a bipartisan group called National Popular Vote.

The NPVC is bipartisan but I think it is because the Republicans who joined need more of the facts around this issue because it will only benefit the Democrats. Fred Thompson who pushes reverse mortgages on TV is one of the “bipartisan” people in support. He even went on MSNBC to push for it. Perhaps he doesn’t understand what he is supporting.

The National Popular Vote Compact does not alter the electoral college in a positive way as people are being told.

It is a Trojan horse.

It warps the electoral college into a system by which states who agree to form a compact share all their electoral votes within their group and are forced to give their votes to the candidate with the largest number of popular votes within the compact.

Check out the map for one very reasonable scenario. Imagine a compact with liberal states, one conservative and a couple swing states. All the donors/ACORNers will descend on the populated areas who will win and drag the conservative and swing states with them. The eleven states in this scenario, pictured on the map, will carry the necessary electoral votes to win the election.

That is how an election can literally be won by 11 states, leaving the other states disenfranchised with no chance of having their votes counted – they are forced into giving their votes to the state/s that come out ahead. If the 11 states include liberal, one conservative, and some swing states as in this scenario, the swing states and conservative states will be forced to hand over their electoral votes to the liberal winners simply because they had the largest voter count – but who was voting?

All the electioneering can be done in the handful of states and all the ACORN organizers can focus on the handful of states. The election will be decided by the liberal cities where the heaviest concentration of people reside.

***The following information is from the Soros NPV site: Status of NPV in New York: NPV Passage. Progress by state: NPV by State.

Information for those unfamiliar with NPVC –

This is something you need to know. NPVC is the Nation Popular Vote Compact which some believe presents a grave threat to our Constitution. The NPVC is a state-by-state initiative, currently going on, that would force states to allocate their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote in the compact of however many states, rather than the winner of the popular vote in their state. The initiative has been approved by half the states necessary to pass it.

It will do exactly what our Founding Fathers tried to avoid and subject us to the tyranny of the masses by putting the popular vote ahead of individual states’ rights in elections while masquerading as a states’ rights initiative. It is a state initiative to get rid of one very important state right! It is being used to avoid a Constitutional amendment process which would vet this thing properly.

Polls say that 70% of Americans believe the Electoral College is a dated concept that needs to be eliminated or changed so that the popular vote can take its place, but NPVC does more of what people want to eliminate – it actually gives the minority viewpoint power over the election in an ingenious way.

It could, if passed, result in heavily populated areas deciding elections with less populated areas having nothing to say. They will be forced to vote with the masses! It will be the tyranny of the masses. It overrules the individual and states’ rights. 

Heritage and many prominent Republican politicians and strategists have come out against it.

Please sign the petition against the NPVC – New Yorkers Against National Popular Vote Petition

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