National Popular Vote Compact – Trampling Our Constitution


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There is a movement to do away with the Electoral College vote and replace it with the National Popular vote (S4208/AB489 in NY) and it left me wondering, “What’s up with that?”

So I spoke to my Assemblyman about it, and shockingly, he supports it!!! He explained it to me this way – with the National Popular Vote every vote will (truly) count.

Well that statement got me thinking and I’ve come to my own conclusion which is The National Popular Vote is a bad idea.  End of story.

And here’s why: Having the majority of the people decide a national election does not work because the smaller states, with less population than the larger states, obviously cannot compete “numbers-wise.” That is the reason why the Electoral College vote was put into place. The Electoral College has performed its function for over 200 years (and in over 50 presidential elections) by ensuring that the President of the United States has both sufficient popular support to govern and that his popular support is sufficiently distributed throughout the country to enable him to govern effectively.

The key word is DISTRIBUTED !!!

The National Popular Vote Compact will encourage even more voter fraud as they concentrate on the heavily populated liberal cities. Combine the compact with the absence of voter ID and you will see the dead voting in droves.

Obviously, we have a fair system, since this nation has elected both Republicans and Democrats using this fair and democratic procedure.

As columnist writer Ann Landers used to say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Recently, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell addressed the issue by calling it “the most important issue in America that nobody is talking about.” He warned that the National Popular Vote Compact movement is “getting dangerously close to achieving their goal of eliminating the Electoral College without actually amending the Constitution — without anybody even noticing, unfortunately, what they’re up to.”

“Trampling on Our Constitution” seems to be the latest trend by everyone who took an Oath to “uphold” it!!!

Here in New York, our elected officials may soon be voting on this issue. In my opinion, if the National Popular Vote, which is being touted as the greatest thing since sliced bread, is really so “wonderful,” then why are our elected officials trying to sneak it through in the darkness of night?


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