National Security Nightmare: China Planning Communist Cities in the US



“It’s a perfect storm of problems.”

– David North, Center for Immigration Studies

Chinese investors – Chinese investors must be members of the Chinese Communist party – want to build ‘China City’ in Thompson, New York in the Catskills.

This won’t be Chinatown. This will be a 600-acre mini China in America which will include housing, a college with residences, and all sorts of stores and other structures. It will be self-sufficient and will basically be a mini-Chinese Communist enclave right here in the United States.

Every province in China will have an office in China City. Foreign investors funding it would be given green cards because of a visa program that entices foreign investment with green cards as carrots.

If times were normal, people would realize this raises very serious national security issues. There are also financial issues.

Supposedly, 20% of the funding would come from US taxpayers!

It will need federal, state, and local approval.

Why do the Chinese bother to hack our government agencies when they can just form their own cities right here in the States to spy and disrupt?

Sullivan County, where this would be built, is poor and the proponents of the plan are willing to sell out to Chinese Communists for some possible financial and cultural improvements.

The people seem to be under the delusion that theses Chinese Communists are special because they are influential, wealthy and educated. Every one in China who meets those qualifications and every investor from China is a member of the Chinese Communist Party and works for the Chinese government.

The architectural-engineering firm that would handle this is a ‘green’ firm. The ‘green’ industry is filled with corruption. There is big money being made off taxpayer’s backs.

You can read more about China City at Fox News.

We have reported about China buying up acreage in the US to establish mini-commie enclaves for two years.

Back in September 2011, I wrote about the Chinese developments being planned in the United States which are, they say, to invest in this country and provide jobs for our union workers instead of sending jobs to China. We are living in a global world and I understand that.

What I don’t understand is why we have to do this with companies run by the Chinese Communist Party or closely connected to them? Chinese communists make very poor allies and they are not our friends. They hack our power grids and our secret service facilities while stealing our technology to say nothing of the games they play with the currency. They constantly saber-rattle.

The other thing I don’t like about Chinese companies is that they live off bribes and favors – they are communists after all.

Don’t even get me started on their human rights abuses, currency manipulation, cyber warfare, theft of property rights, and totalitarian government rules, ideas which they bring with them.

Kathy Lee Giffords was demonized over her company purchasing goods from Honduras some years back because they used sweatshops when she had no knowledge of the situation. Meanwhile, China is nothing but one big sweatshop.

Remember when the Democrats cared about human rights abuses?

Some of these China City developments are being planned by Sinomach, which is primarily owned by the Communist government (the ruling Communist Party). The developments are planned for Michigan, Idaho and Pennsylvania.

Dayton Daily News reported that Sino-Michigan Properties (Sinomach) is currently planning one of these enclaves in Milan, 40 minutes outside of Detroit and Toledo.

The gentleman who made the following video supports the developments as long as someone buys the land and develops it. He thinks anyone who opposes are Chinaphobics. He seems unaware that China is not our friend and he is only focused on one small segment and one small issue:

The Toledo Blade reported last May that a Chinese mainland company, Dashing Pacific Group Ltd. purchased property in the Marina district in East Toledo and stand ready to buy another 69 acres including the decommissioned Thomas Edison power plant.

Dashing Ltd. partners with a number of U.S. companies such as IBM.

Click here for information about the Chairwoman who is integrally tied to the Chinese communist government and has a somewhat hidden past. Both people behind Dashing, Mr. Wu and Ms. Yuan, owe much to the Chinese Communist government – check it out.

In September, I reported about one such community being considered for Boise, Idaho, but which has not gone anywhere since then. It is supposed to be 50 square miles. The owners would be Sinomach (China National Machinery Industry Corporation).

The Chinese communities will include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail centers and large numbers of homes for Chinese workers which does appear to make them somewhat, if not totally, self-sustaining.

Idaho Statesman is in support of the idea and decries the exaggerations by some on the left.  It is true that there have been apocryphal stories cropping up around the idea and it is hard to sift the fact from fiction. A lot of misinformation on the right arises from people thinking the worst but stories from the left painting this as a “no-never-mind” are not reality-based either.

Click here for a message from the Communist Chairman of Sinomach and see what you think.

The Feds do approve of all this in case you are wondering.

Personally, I’d rather not. Let’s make America business-friendly for residents and citizens instead!

This video gives a good idea of the people we are going to allow to form mini-Communist China cities in the US:


Thompson, NY meeting about the new China City. They are emphasizing the cultural components but they left out the human rights abuses, currency manipulation, cyber warfare, theft of property rights, totalitarian government rules, and the fact that they are no friends to the United States.