NATO Summit – Lots of Anarchy & Irony


“I’m here to protest NATO, which I feel is the enforcement arm of the ruling 1 percent — of the capitalist 1 percent,” said protester John Schraufnagel, who took a bus from Minneapolis to Chicago [Sounds like Obama’s socialist campaign slogan].

There is a no-fly airspace over Chicago and a shoot-to-kill order. An advisory posted by CBS News in Chicago warns that small planes might be shot down if they wander into the wrong airspace.

NATO and our administration are in danger from their own kind. Ironic, isn’t it?

Five domestic terrorists – Anarchists – were arrested for planned firebombing which included Rahm Emanuel’s house. More irony.

While the leftists protest outside, President Obama and the other NATO members will cover three main topics according to CBS News –

  • Afghanistan – to reaffirm the switch from a combat role to an advisory role.
  • The European Missile Defense – to announce that it is partly complete, which is why Putin didn’t attend – Putin wants to blow up the missile defense shield.
  • NATO modernization – the U.S. will try to get other countries to help with the costs.

So far, this is how it is going –

Ahead of the NATO Summit Barack Obama urged Harmid Karzai to reach a peace settlement with the Taliban.

The response by the Taliban to President Obama is another irony. Hours before the Summit in Chicago, the Taliban spokesman, directing his comments to President Obama, said this  –

CSM:…”The Islamic Emirate has left all military and political doors open,” read the statement, written in English and attributed to spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid. “[H]owever the invaders are utilizing a one step forward, two steps backwards tactic. They are conjuring artificial excuses to prolong the occupation of Afghanistan, are wavering in their stance and do not seem to have a clear strategy for a political solution.”

Until NATO stops wavering, the statement continues, the Taliban considers the coalition’s calls for talks to be “meaningless.”…Read more…

The Taliban spokesperson basically said,  “Get out!.”