Navy Seal Team 6 Rescues Two Hostages



Dane Paoul Hagen and American Jessica Buchanan

U.S. special ops rescued two hostages held in Somalia, one an American. It was the same Seal unit that killed an al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. All nine captors were killed.

“Last night’s mission, boldly conducted by some of our nation’s most courageous, competent and committed special operations forces, exemplifies United States Africa Command’s mission to protect Americans and American interests in Africa,” Gen. Carter F. Ham, commander of AFRICOM, said in a statement.

Jessica Buchanan, an American citizen and Poul Thisted, a Danish citizen, both working for a demining unit of the Danish Refugee Council, were transported to a safe location while plans were made to return them home, U.S. officials said. The pair had been held for ransom since October.

Jessica’s family said she’s in relatively good condition.

More rescues to come.

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