Navy Seals Paid $54,000 – Change It


A typical Navy Seal makes about $54,000 a year. How could we allow this? Seriously, what does this say about our values?

I was hoping they would get the $50,000,000 for taking out Osama.

My mechanic makes a hundred dollars an hour. A gym teacher, yes GYM teacher, I know retired, yes RETIRED on $90,000 a year with full medical and dental. He was 55 and can expect to make that for the next 40 or so years.

Take a look at the charts provided by this article and tell me if you’re not screaming, “Pay them more, much more.” These are some of the most dedicated of people and they would give our lives for us and we pay them less than a supermarket cashier I know.

“What did the Navy SEALs who cornered Osama bin Laden get for pulling off such a risky mission? Their weekly paychecks.

The estimated salary for a Navy SEAL — with over a dozen years of experience and an E-7 pay grade — is about $54,000, according to an estimate based on data from the Department of Defense.

However, all military personnel are eligible to receive higher pay — closer to six figures — with additional skills, which many of the members of the team that captured bin Laden likely had.

“Each of these operations is different, but we get the same amount of pay, so it’s fair,” said John Scorza, MC2, under the Naval Special Warfare Command.

The base salary level is comparable to the average annual salary for teachers in the U.S., which was $55,350 for the 2009-2010 school year, according to the Digest of Education Statistics…” Read more here: What the Hay@