Navy SEALs Put on Trial In Deference to The Butcher of Fallujah



If you want to find out how some of our best and bravest are being treated in favor of lying, murderous terrorists, you need go no further than picking up Matt McCabe’s new book, Honor & Betrayal. McCabe is pictured above.

A terrorist – the Butcher of Fallujah – accused three Navy SEALs of giving him a fat lip. Even if they had given him a fat lip, which they hadn’t, who cares?

The SEALs said it never happened but that didn’t mean a thing to Obama’s Navy brass.

The three accused Navy SEALs were put on trial for this one accusation from the terrorist – the Butcher -who killed US soldiers and hundreds of Iraqis.

The SEALs were treated poorly – humiliated – prior to trial.

The Navy did nothing to the Butcher but the Iraqis tried him and sentenced him to be hanged.

The only prominent media outlet that cared and covered it was Fox News.

This is PC military leadership – they disdain our fighting men and worry about a terrorist and his fat lip. How could they have let this happen?