Anti-Islamization Rallies in Dresden Draw Thousands of Neo-NAZIs, Ordinary Germans


Dresden rally

A record 17,500 people have turned out for the latest “anti-Islamisation” rally in the German city of Dresden, according to police estimates.

Demonstrators sang Christmas carols and listened to speeches about immigrants and asylum seekers.

They were led by alleged neo-NAZIs called the Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West or Pegidas.

More than 15,000 protesters marched through Dresden on December 19th protesting the Islamization of Germany who have been dubbed the “pinstriped NAZIs”.

These rallies have been going on since October. There are counter rallies for each of these rallies.

NAZIs in Germany are a growing threat according to the media though the majority of people marching in these demonstrations are ordinary Germans.

It’s hard to trust the reports and the media. In the U.S., the media paint conservatives as radical terrorists and nothing could be further from the truth.

An article by the Guardian indicated that the rise of Nationalism is causing concern among Federal authorities who said they’ve never seen anything quite like it. NAZIs, they say, form the core of protests by ordinary Germans who make up the bulk of the protesters. It has given the neo-NAZIs an air of respectability, they further claim.

The protesters carry banners bearing slogans such as “Zero tolerance towards criminal asylum seekers”, “Protect our homeland” and “Stop the Islamisation”.

If you go through the comments on the Guardian article that I have linked here, you will find a viewpoint that differs from the media’s.

Many commenters said ‘don’t believe the media’. There was a time that I would have taken that on its face value but no longer.

I am reposting one of the comments from the article which presents a different side because it might bring some clarity.

Greetings from Germany. Let me explain what is happening in Germany at the moment. Three years ago, a female police officer of greek descent wrote a letter to our home secretary. She described what German police officers have to endure when they have to do their work in places where the citizens are predominantly muslims. What that women described was simply appalling. Police officers get regulary attacked by mobs of up to 50 people. People spit and harass our police force. Muslims spit and harass our police force. When that women posted her letter in a magazine for police officers, the response was overwhelming. The editorial staff stated that they received hundreds of letters from police officers from all over Germany, most of them saying that they are relieved that finally someone spoke out. Someone “who was allowed to speak out”. The woman was allowed to speak out because she is Greek.

Then the ISIS thing started. We germans get indoctrinated to hate any war. We learn about Nazi atrocities so often in school, hear about them from our grandparents so often, they just disgust us. Each and every year on several occasions, Germans are called upon to distance themselves from crimes they never commited. From crimes of which others say they inherited them. We G]ermans do just that. We distance ourselves from stuff we never did and never would do. Most Germans have absolutely no problem distancing themselves from the Nazis, in fact, a vast majority of Germans takes great pride in distancing themselves from crimes they never commited. When ISIS started, Muslims launched a Waffen-SS style war against Christians and minorities in the Middle East. But Muslims do have a massive problem distancing themselves from ISIS, because they say that even suggesting that they need to distance themselves from ISIS is racism because it implies that they might have something in common with the terrorists.

In the Middle East, Muslims started committing war crimes which are equally vile and disgusting to those we Germans are taught to despise. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of young Muslims from our Muslim communities traveled to Syria to join a fascist regime, in order to commit genocide, grab land, commit war crimes, buy sex slaves from rape camps. How are we Germans expected to react to this?

Every year on May 8th people yell “never again”, yet we are to tolerate that some citizens among us do things equally vile and disgusting as our grandparents did. We are expected to tolerate this because these people are Muslims.

I’m not going to claim that the peaceful Muslims did not react. Yet their reaction was poor and unorganized at best. There were just three bigger demonstrations against ISIS since the declaration of the Holy Caliphate, and all three were organized by people of minorities being exterminated by ISIS. But furthermore, at each demonstration, there were violent Muslims attacking the peaceful people. ISIS supporters, with German passports, attacking Yazidis, Kurds and Iraqi Christians in our streets.

Now the grooming gang stuff starts, Muslims preying in gangs on young schoolgirls, draining life out of them like parasites because they despise their culture and race. Then the anti-Semitic demonstrations this year in August, thousands of Muslims chanting Nazi paroles [sic] and chasing Jews through the streets of Germany.

Do you have any idea how humiliating and insulting this is for a modern German? To read in the paper that Jews are being chased trough the streets of Berlin? In 2014?

The Central Comitee of Muslims had anounced big demonstrations against religious violence and a public commitment to our constitution on our national holiday, October 3rd. So few people participated that all news corporations decided not to report. Just one article on the FAZ, about a hundred words.

I want to know what I am expected to think. Tell me, as a German who is interested in news and read and witnessed all this as it happened, what am I expected to think of our Muslim community?

They’ve had a huge influx of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan – 200,000 asylum claims this year alone – and they aren’t assimilating. Some are jihadists.

As jihadists do in the United States, they are recruiting from German prisons.

In May of this year, The Gate Institute reported more than 25 primary and secondary schools in Hamburg were infiltrated by Salafists and other radical Muslim groups. School officials asked for stepped-up monitoring of the Salafist groups but the ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD) is committed to enforcing multiculturalism in Hamburg and they have refused to disclose which schools are affected.

It’s hard to know if the protesters are  dangerously radical or how serious the problem of nationalism is in Germany, but we should take note.