NBA Star Says the Word ‘Owner’ Is Racist


The NFL players are kneeling to show their disrespect for our flag and country while claiming it’s a sensible way to protest alleged police brutality and injustice. Racism and identity politics have taken over football and it threatens other sports. Unbelievably, we now have an NBA star claiming the word ‘owner’ is racist.

Recently, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair used a common expression about not letting the inmates run the prison. The team, whipped up by the media, called him a racist and have been waging a war of demonstrations. McNair simply wants some rules to avoid hurting the bottom line. The kneeling is damaging the NFL image and their ratings.

There are white players on the Texans but let’s not have facts get in the way.

NBA star Draymond Green went further. He thinks the actual word ‘owner’ is racist.

Mercury News reports that Green called McNair’s comments “very Donald Sterling-esque,” referencing a former owner of the LA Clippers who was pushed out for making a racist comment. Then Green said in the same Instagram, that we need to rethink the use of the word “owner” itself.

McNair didn’t say slave owners. Green wrote:

“Wow! This sure does sound very Donald Sterling-esque. But I’m sure the fans pay to see him play and he’s putting himself at risk of CTE by going out there every Sunday and giving 110%! Inmates? For starters, let’s stop using the word owner and maybe use the word Chairman. To be owned by someone just sets a bad precedent to start. It sets the wrong tone. It gives one the wrong mindset. Webster states that an inmate is a person confined to an institution such as a prison or hospital. Not sure these tax paying men should be referred to as inmates- but what do I know?”

What does he know? Not much obviously. This is beyond ridiculous and the constant obsession with slavery is a product of the Democrat machine and their identity politics.



  1. bet he wishes he was the “owner”… he is a dirty player….gets a lot of flagrant and technical fouls and gets kicked out of games especially when they are losing which is quite a bit this year. i do not respect the team as a whole. they let their personal ego’s get in the way of their performance on the court.

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