NBC Debate Coverage – Mitt Didn’t Win – Obama Lost


After the coverage of the first debate between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney, If there’s still a question in anyone’s mind as to the political leanings of the mainstream media talking heads, let that question be resolved right now.  With very few exceptions, the media “faces” were beside themselves with indignation, disbelief and outright disappointment that Mitt Romney mopped the floor with President Obama on Tuesday night in Denver.

Clint Eastwood Was Right – Obama Was An Empty Chair

While the MSDNC crowd claims neutrality in politics and then goes into it’s two-hour Obama infomercial, it was the NBC analysts who stole last night’s “We Love Barack Obama” award.  They were shocked; shocked, I tell you that Obama never brought up their most recent Media Matters talking point – the infamous “47 percent” comment by Romney that was “secretly recorded” and sprung just days before the first debate.

We’re all very aware of the “Mathews/Maddow” allegiance to Obama and, quite frankly they didn’t disappoint.  Both went into severe depression immediately following the debate.  We expect that from a cable network that consistently sucks hind teat in the ratings.  What was a little more than unsettling was the outright tongue bath the major network – NBC – crowd gave Obama.

Here’s a transcript, courtesy of MRC:

DAVID GREGORY: But I think the entire Obama team and the Vice President are gonna get a lot feistier here.  I mean the President made a decision not to get in Romney’s face a little bit more.  Stop him, disagree with him.  He didn’t bring up the 47 percent!  He had a whole, you know, area to discuss the role of government and he didn’t talk about a philosophical divide!  I think they’re now gonna go and become a lot more aggressive, because they see an aggressive challenger.  And it’s not enough to do rope a dope and sit back and try to sit on a lead. So I think there is gonna be a different thought process that goes on.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Savannah were you surprised we didn’t hear the number 47?

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: I was and in fact an Obama adviser told me earlier today: “We’re not gonna play it safe.  Don’t believe those stories that say we’re just playing not to lose.”  And yet I think that’s what we saw the President doing.  The other thing he needs to do is, is, it’s really the unfinished business of this campaign is tell the American people what’s the unfinished business of this presidency.  Why does he need another four years to accomplish what he needs to accomplish.  I’m not sure we heard a very crisp and coherent message from the President on that tonight.

Williams tried to tee up Tom Brokaw with a ready excuse as to why Obama lost, as opposed to Romney winning the debate, but Brokaw didn’t take the bait:

WILLIAMS: Tom Brokaw is another member of our team in the arena, in Denver. And Tom the conventional wisdom has a way of kind of bubbling up during the event.  And I imagine one of the plotlines tomorrow will be here’s Mitt Romney, as we said energized, coming right from the game.  He has been in an active, very active campaign heretofore and the President has been on the job, in that realm, during this whole time.   (Emphasis added)

TOM BROKAW: Well Governor Romney did spend a lot of time in this debate and it paid off. He had a well-organized narrative.  He knew his brief and this is the candidate that the Republican Party has been waiting to show up, as a matter fact.  And a lot of businessmen I have talked to have dealt with Mitt Romney in the past have been bewildered by his performance as a candidate.  But this is the Mitt Romney that they described to me, as he sat down at a table and did a deal.

To even suggest the President has been “on the job” of late has to be one of biggest lies of the night.  President Obama has been in almost constant campaign mode and most believe he SHOULD have spent more time “on the job”, rather than putting millions of frequent flyer miles on Air Force One.

If you’ve read this far, you deserve a bonus.  I’m going to tell you why President Obama didn’t broach the “47 percent” topic; something the talking heads didn’t do.

The Romney campaign knew full well that the subject might very well come up.  And they were more than ready for it.  It would have been a perfect opportunity for Romney to score some huge points by simply reciting his exact words, rather than the snippet pulled from the video that APPEARS to make Romney look bad.

Words to this effect:  “This is what I said and I told the truth….Something the Obama administration should try.  And if the factual truth is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

The Obama camp isn’t totally stupid.  They KNOW how they used the snippet to make Romney look bad and they also know what his reaction would probably be.  Therefore, it was to their advantage to stay away from that topic, lest their own words were used against them.

Obviously, the millionaire talking heads at NBC didn’t stop to think of that possibility before trying their best to make excuses as to why their favorite son was pummeled in this debate.  To his credit, Tom Brokaw didn’t chum the waters.

ABC’s Jake Tapper was another who earned style points.  Just before the debate started, Tapper was asked (on Twitter) “Who do you hope wins?”.  Jake fired back a simple, statesman-like reply – “The American People”.

And isn’t that all we ask of the media?  Report the news and record the events, but leave your political slant out of the mix.  If we want your personal political opinion(s), we’ll ask for it.