NBC Show Aims Hate-Filled Propaganda at Conservatives


I am not writing this to criticize gays and I don’t want to encourage anti-gay remarks. I do however want to complain about NBC and their venomous attacks on conservatives. I’m fed up with it and am not going to be made to feel I can’t criticize it.

NBC has a new propaganda sitcom entitled “The New Normal,” which presents the gay family as the “new normal.” The show is a forum for conservative hate and it’s a show aimed at youth. 

The New Normal exudes loathing for a conservative grandmother who is a small-minded, heterosexual bigot from the South – all the stereotypes are showcased in this repugnant character. The show begins with the gay, new normal family in bed – of course.

It is pure propaganda.

Do we really need to show people in bed all the time? Do we really need to believe all conservatives from the south are small-minded bigots? Are elderly grandmothers now appropriate subjects for this type of attack? NBC likely chose an elderly woman because it helps with their agenda aimed at obliterating traditional values. The venom in this sitcom goes beyond gay or not gay.

Newsbusters: …The show premieres on NBC in September, but it already shows the stamp of its conservative-hating creator Ryan Murphy. The show sets up a typical TV comparison. The gay couple in the show is portrayed as loving. And the “small-minded” grandmother who is against her granddaughter serving as their surrogate mom has “Callista Gingrich” hair, is a “bigot” and must be from the South. Throw in pro-Obama comments and you have a show.

Actress Georgia King will play the ‘gay friendly’ surrogate mother who dreams of a better life with more money. She underlines the show’s theme when she says she has no qualms about her unborn child growing up in a non-traditional family. “A family is a family,” she said in the trailer while the couple is shown in bed. “And love is love.”…

…The grandmother, played by veteran actress Ellen Barkin, gives Murphy a chance to target conservatives and therefore is portrayed as a callous and homophobic bigot. This is evident throughout the trailer. Not only does she admit to thinking her own daughter was a “fibroid tumor,” but she goes out of her way to offend the only black character in the show played by NeNe Leakes of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”.

Out of curiosity, I wondered how many people are actually gay or bisexual because the NBC types would make one think they are the majority. It’s impossible to get an exact figure, but estimates are between 4 and 9 million.

Census data on same-sex households put the nation’s lesbian, gay and bisexual population at about 8.8 million. Back in the 80’s, Kinsey said 1 in 10. Gates, demographer-in-residence at the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, a think tank based at the University of California, Los Angeles, gave his best estimate derived from five studies that have asked subjects about their sexual orientation. He said the nation has about 4 million adults who identify as being gay or lesbian, representing 1.7 percent of the 18-and-over population. [HuffPo]

Top Ranked by Percent of gays in the population (Wiki):

Rank City Percentage
of city
GLB Population
population rank
1 San Francisco 15.4% 94,234 4
2 Seattle 12.9% 57,993 9
3 Atlanta 12.8% 39,805 12
4 Minneapolis 12.5% 34,295 16
5 Boston 12.3% 50,540 10
6 Sacramento 9.8% 32,108 20
7 Portland 8.8% 35,413 14
8 Denver 8.2% 33,698 17
9 Washington 8.1% 32,599 18
10 Orlando 7.7% 12,508 36