Needless Tests Hurt Fiscal Health According to Newsday


Death panesl r us

According to Newsday, a study released last week confirmed what an independent panel of health experts, appointed by the Department of Health and Human Services concluded in 2009.

Paying for health care practices that don’t help, and even do harm, is a cost we cannot bear, like mammograms. Women 50 and older should only have them every other year, and between 50 and 74 they come close to doubling the number of false-positives women experience, which can create extreme anxiety.

At the time of the recommendation, “death panels” was a catchphrase, and reaching this conclusion created a furor. The author decided It wouldn’t make sense to spend billions of dollars on monthly cancer screenings, even if they did save a life or two. This same panel concluded in 2011 that healthy men should not receive annual PSA blood test to screen for prostate cancer.

My response to Newsday’s article was whether the DHHS has conducted a study on the “anxiety” women experience when they have been given that dreadful diagnosis of breast cancer, and their “relief” of successful treatment because it was detected early? I would venture to say their relief overcomes the “anxiety” referred to. Has DHHS conducted any study on whether women would be willing to accept “false positives” over a “positive” cancer diagnosis if it will save their life?

This is only the beginning of “death panels.” A recent report includes unnecessary testing for ovarian and lung cancer, and the Newsday article admits that this independent panel recommended the exclusion of PSA tests. So, where does the unnecessary testing end?

If Newsday and the DHHS are concerned about health care costs impacting our economy and our quality of life, why not recommend that Government cut spending and the Senate pass a budget, which has not been passed in four years, and who declares every Congressional budget DOA. How about the fact that Mr. Obama’s budget never made it out of the majority Democrat Senate?

These test have nothing to do with impacting the economy; it is OBAMACARE’S 2700 page Manifesto that will destroy our economy and our quality of life when 11 million illegals are added to the healthcare rolls. It is unsustainable, so DHHS has found a solution for us.

This is one “war on women” that can’t be blamed on the Republicans. The women who fell for the “war on women” were duped. The worst is yet to come.