Negotiating: Boehner is to Obama as Obama is to Murderous Dictators

John Boehner
John Boehner

Have you compared President Obama’s take no prisoners negotiating style with Republican John Boehner to the “deferential” approach he’s taken with some of the globe’s most brutal dictators?  His first fiscal cliff pitch to Boehner amounted to a laughingly, insulting offer which was followed by matching, scornful rhetoric.  Conversely, Obama’s opening bids to killer despots ruling Syria, Iran, and Korea have been presented with an “open hand”…. quickly rebuffed, by the trio’s collective “closed fist”.

Mr. Obama, along with his minions, relentlessly attack the GOP.  He treats the “loyal opposition” more like an enemy than an adversary.  Claims include Republicans want-“dirty air and water”,  school children to go hungry, grannies thrown from cliffs, and African Americans “back in chains”.

We might all be better served if the president had applied that tough guy approach when dealing with soul-less international butchers who’ve killed, tortured, or starved to death tens of thousands of innocent people.  He has not.

Obama, appearing Boehner-like, seems to be constantly negotiating from weakness, and against himself.   Tyrants happily watch as his lines in the sand are redrawn or disappear.  They blithely ignore toothless warnings and tune out apparently desperate pleas for “meetings” from our Commander in Chief.  In short, they’ve treated the president in much the same manner he’s treated our Speaker of the House.

Given Mr. Obama’s apparent success in dealing with Mr. Boehner you think he’d try the same strategy with authoritarian murderers.  After all, despite the political propaganda, our Speaker has no history of, or current plans to, deliberately kill thousands of innocents.  The same cannot be said for  totalitarians killing their citizens, while threatening ours.

How many times will President Obama “turn the other cheek” as the leaders of Syria, Iran, and North Korea deliberately provoke, defy, or ignore him?


After initially touting Bashar al-Assad’s “reforms”,  Obama’s spent well over a year calling on him to leave.  The calls began when the Syrian body count was approximately 10,000.  That was 30,000 bodies ago.  Assad remains, the carnage continues.


The Iranians, added injury to insult.  Since blowing off warnings to stop their nuclear arms development, Ahmadinejad ‘s jets shot down an unarmed American drone, flying in international air space.


Finally, most recently, North Korea’s brand new “dear leader” Kim Jong-un, fully disrespected President Obama by successfully firing a long range rocket.  Look at it as Kim happily launching a multi-staged middle finger at our Commander in Chief, and by extension….us.


Can anyone imagine the repercussions Speaker Boehner would suffer if he’d dare, in a political context of course, show this kind of contempt for the Mr. Obama?  Remember the charge Barack led against that fine gentleman and family man, Mitt Romney?   Hypothetically, his effort to “get” Boehner, would make Romney’s character assassination look like a pillow fight.

So why doesn’t Barack Obama show some of that toughness with the world’s worst dictators?  Probably because they’re not civil members of the loyal opposition.  No, they’re very dangerous men, who aren’t cowed by a slavish U.S. media, or intimidated by hollow threats. President Obama bluffs, they call, he folds.

This ongoing scenario is surely eating away at Obama.  It’s gotta be hard for a man who holds himself in high opinion to be steadily “dissed”, in front of the entire world, by three thugs.  Somebody has to pay the price for his impotence in dealing with guys who actually push back.

That someone appears to be Boehner.  The president can flex his great big, made for D.C. muscles, and look rugged battling vulnerable political opponents.   But the GOP doesn’t represent rogue nations that are building nuclear weapons or butchering civilians.  To face down these growing menaces it’s going to require more than inflated Beltway biceps.  It’s going to take a stiff presidential  backbone, which, so far has gone soft whenever Obama’s faced this particular trio of ruthless, bad actors.

It’s  Assad,  Ahmadinejad, and Kim Jong-un that are the real enemy, not the House Speaker.  For God’s sake, one of these lunatics just launched a rocket that could, sometime in the future, be used to transport a nuclear device capable of hitting the United States.

John Boehner had nothing to do with that launch, the killing fields in Syria,  or the rapidly developing nuclear program in Iran.  Time for President Obama to “man up” and stand up to these treacherous, unstable, madmen who pose a growing, genuine, physical threat to the Untied States and her citizens.  Rough them up some.  Make believe they’re rich Republicans.