Net Neutrality Now Means Government Can Do Whatever It Wants with the Internet


Last week, the DC Circuit Court upheld a ruling confirming that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is allowed to do pretty much whatever it wants with respect to regulating the internet, a year after the takeover under Net Neutrality.

The government can now force companies to provide free Internet and we know who will pay for that new welfare program, which Obama has already done, and they can force them to provide free Internet to the government. The FCC can charge providers a “universal service fund” and it can impose price controls that are by their vague standards, “just and reasonable.”

The government can CENSOR content it deems “obscene”, no doubt it will be an attack on our free speech and our political speech.

It’s in the statute and we’ve linked to it and reported about it many times.

We were skeptical at first when Ajit Pai warned us of the dangers of the new Net Neutrality laws that the Democratic -controlled commission was putting into the Internet regulations, treating it as a utility, but Pai wasn’t underestimating the dangers.

The first dead giveaway should have been that it was a non-problem in search of a solution.

The new Democrat Party is not my grandfather’s party. It is statist and it is controlling. The claim by the commissioners at the time is they would never use the powers but of course that would go against all they stand for. It’s a taxpayer ATM machine waiting to be rifled.

The Act is getting very dangerous. We now give free Obamanet to “select” and favored Democrat voters but it’s worse than that still.

The goal was to create an “open Internet” free of discrimination and abuse. Unfortunately, that’s not what the government does with its powers. It regulates and taxes, doing so without accountability.

Don’t worry, the government says they won’t do most of it so why is it there? In writing?

Ajit Pai warned us that broadband taxes are high on the government’s list – SHOCKER!

Lawsuits opposing it are working their way through the courts and will reach the Supreme Court at some point. We don’t have a constitutionally supportive SCOTUS currently and we might never again, certainly not if Hillary wins.

Without a judicial win, Congress and Obama and Hillary will do whatever they want.

So we here with a completely government-conrolled unfair takeover of the Internet which will allow them to turn it into a welfare program, a highly taxed system and, best of all, it will run us down the rabbit hole of hate speech and controlled political speech.

Nothing free or open about it.