Netanyahu’s New Ad Probably Has Jeremy Bird Scrambling


Hiding behind unnamed White House officials, Barack Obama has been sniping at Bibi Netanyahu like a schoolyard bully, calling him a “chickensh#t” and accusing him of slapping them in the face because he accepted an invitation to speak with Congress at Speaker Boehner’s behest.

Bibi doesn’t bow to Obama’s commands and Obama seems very fearful of Netanyahu’s speech.


Barack has insidiously interfered with the Israeli elections by demonizing and rejecting Netanyahu every chance he gets. His main man – the man in charge of getting Obama reelected in 2012 – Jeremy Bird – is in Israel with a team of five under the auspices of a taxpayer-supported 501(c) called One Voice. He is attempting to oust Bibi Netanyahu.

One Voice was behind the JonnCorzine election in New Jersey. Corzine is famous for illicitly taking $1.6 billion in funds from customers and giving them to JP Morgan Chase.


Obama is unquestionably supporting Bird’s efforts. Bird would only do things Obama wants. They are on the same mission and he knows where his bull gets its feed.

One Voice is backed by very far-left groups and an advisor to the group is the devious Muslim cleric who tried to build a Mosque at the scene of the World Trade Center.

Obama’s efforts haven’t worked so far.

The election is March 17 and Bibi has seen a surge in the polls for him and his Likud party.

Support for Netanyahu’s Likud Party is seen in a more favorable light since the recent attack on Israel’s northern border last week. The poll found that the percentage of respondents who want Netanyahu to remain prime minister rose from 38% last week to 44%, tying the highest- ever result with a poll on January 1, when rockets were fired from Gaza, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Even the left wing Haaretz sees Netanyahu remaining as Prime Minister. However, Jews vote for parties not individuals.

The Zionist Union, which is a combination of the Labor and Hatnua parties, has put up a tough race for seats.

Barack Obama hates Bibi Netanyahu because of: his ongoing rejection of a bad Iranian deal; Bibi’s refusal to negotiate with the Hamas terrorists who want to destroy Israel; his pushing back against Muslim Brotherhood controlled Turkey; his allowing apartment buildings to be built on Israeli land that Hamas and the PA want; and, possibly Bibi’s worst flaw, is that he fights against the Muslim Brotherhood – a favored Obama group.

In the following funny ad, Netanyahu addresses the question of who should be caring for your children.