Netanyahu’s Speech Announcing Ceasefire & the Horrific Backstory

Mohammad Morsi Says “Amen” to Prayer for Destroying the Jews

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech about the ceasefire today:

The idea of Egypt’s Jew-hating Islamist President brokering a fair ceasefire deal with Hillary Clinton is highly unlikely yet that is what President Obama would have us believe.

The Obama administration is even trying to say that Morsi has taken his rightful place as the mid-East peacekeeper. Is Obama being played or is he just very sympathetic to the Brotherhood?

A more likely scenario on the ceasefire agreement was put forth by Joshua Pundit and his sources:

…the Israelis fully intended to go into Gaza and eradicate Hamas. A country like Israel doesn’t call up that many reserves and affect its economy unless they were serious about the matter.

But then the Obama Administration intervened.

They were perfectly happy for Israel to go in to Gaza and take out Hamas, but insisted that they then turn Gaza over to the Palestinian Authority. This was supposed to strengthen PA President Mahmoud Abbas as ‘Palestine’s savior’ . As as a kicker, President Obama insisted that Israel immediately declare a Palestinian State in Gaza and most of Judea and Samaria, including areas currently under Israeli sovereignty from which the Jewish residents would then be removed. These were also to be turned over to Abbas.

If the Israelis were unwilling to have the IDF do Mahmoud Abbas’ dirty work for him and then give up large areas populated by Jews, then the Obama Administration told the Israelis the U.S. would not back an IDF ground assault in Gaza…keep reading…

Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian President Morsi is the titular head of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood and Hamas are terrorist organizations.

Remember back in October when Morsi was caught saying Amen at a religious service in which the Muslim cleric Futouh Abd Al-Nabi Mansour gave a sermon that included a prayer to destroy or deal harshly with the Jews, and to grant victory over the “infidels?”

The ADL provided the translation:

“Our God, grant us victory over the infidels… Our God, deal harshly with the Jews and those who are allied with them… Our God, our God, deal harshly with the Jews and those who are allied with them… Our God, frighten their masses… Our God, disperse their union… Our God, show us your strength over them, your greatness over them… Our God, reveal to us your wrath over them, you are the Lord of creatures.”

The translators at MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) posted the video with the sermon.

Are we really supposed to believe Morsi is now the mid-East peacemaker working out fair deals for Israel when  he showed disdain for Israel only this past week.




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