After China & Russia Has Our Technology, They Will No Longer Need Us


After they have gotten our technology they no longer need us.This has happened many times in the past.

The M1895 Colt-Browning machine gun was bought by the Russians. They then were produced them without any royalties being paid. The Russians did this with many of the American weapons and trucks sent over to them during the second world war.

China has produced the Mauser bolt action rifles for over 100 years and they have produced more AK-47’s then The Soviets.

They will buy Western Companies and partner with western companies just to acquire the needed technology and skills.

The partnerships that GM and others have ventured into with the Communist Government of China will, in the long run, be a disaster for these companies. The Chinese will drop them like a hot potato.

[Editor’s note – look what Chavez just did to our U.S. oil companies]

Read more: And look what they are doing to the foreign car companies, At least the U.S. has the presence of mind to send them the Volt. 🙂