New Army Manual Warns Troops Against Insulting the Taliban



We have all heard about wars being called kinetic military actions and we know we are not allowed to refer to radical Islamic terrorists as radical Islamic terrorists.  As absurd as it is, it is getting worse.

The army has proposed a manual that warns military in Afghanistan to not insult the Taliban by mentioning subjects such as women’s rights and pedophilia. That is our response to green-on-blue crimes which are hardly ever reported now. Could the response be any more inappropriate?

That’s only one inexplicable action by the administration when it comes to our military. We refer to obvious terrorist attacks as workplace violence, leaving the soldiers who died or who were left wounded without even a purple heart or the funds that being wounded in action would provide.

The Ft. Hood Massacre serves as a good example. The murderous jihadist yelled “Allah Akbar” as he slaughtered defenseless soldiers (who were unarmed on a military base thanks to an absurd rule). This jihadist who had communicated with Anwar al-Awlaki was arrested, charged and is now being tried as if he were merely some angry office worker.

President Obama’s exit policy from Afghanistan is the problem in Afghanistan not the PC language of our military. We are slowly and painfully withdrawing from Afghanistan with an announced deadline while we cater to the enemy’s every wish. We look weak and our military are becoming sitting ducks.

The Obama administration repeatedly apologized for the accidental Koran burning in Afghanistan and the Taliban responded by murdering more of our soldiers.

President Obama negotiated with the Taliban, the very people we went in to defeat in the “good war.”

Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Eliott have written a book called Fool Me Twice which is based on a 96-page report by the Center for American Progress and the Institute for Policy Studies. They describe plans “to transform the U.S. Armed Forces into a social work-style organization designed to combat “global warming,” fight global poverty, remedy “injustice,” bolster the United Nations and increase “peacekeeping” forces worldwide,”

Do we need a military of “green” social workers who support the Marxists in the UN in lieu of our traditional military? Iran, Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela et al all say, “Yes.”

I can’t say anything as well as the following soldier did as he described what is happening to our military in response to the proposed PC army manual:

“I can say from personal experience this is what an institution, set up to “fight and”win” the nation’s wars, is coming to.

The warrior breed that is necessary for Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airman to go and do things that are exceedingly dangerous is being systematically phased out.

Basic training is no longer the process of weeding out the citizen and then transforming them into a lethal machine.

It has become PC heaven because the Military has decided to become like our decaying society – politically correct and sensitive.

I understand things change with time but nothing should ever change the mindset of what we are supposed to do as members of the military. I have been lucky and blessed in my time as a Soldier, mainly because of my occupation.

However, things are changing and I and very few of my colleagues like the direction we are headed.

In concluding this venting session I will say this. We are not “winning” this fight. I know some may not appreciate my candor but smoke and mirrors is not my game.

We are being told not to insult an enemy who cares nothing for our existence and have done unspeakable acts of torture to US service members and citizens alike.

The Global Salafi Movement is serious and a threat to western civilization. If we are going to be nice, bring everyone home.”

If this soldier’s words don’t frighten you, you are not paying attention!

About the proposed army manual:

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