New Coup Plan! Crazy Dems Want to Forcibly Psych Test the President, Declare Him Unfit


Atlantic writer James Hamblin wants President Trump forcibly tested for mental problems. From the President’s tweets to his hand flourishes to the way he holds a glass, the writer expresses deep concerns about the President.

He obviously doesn’t understand Trump’s tongue-in-cheek humor which he employs in his tweets.

One example of why the author thinks testing by force is necessary is this:

Then in December, speaking about his national-security plan in Washington, D.C., Trump reached under his podium and grabbed a glass with both hands. This time he kept them on the glass the entire time he drank, and as he put the glass down. This drew even more attention. The gesture was like that of an extremely cold person cradling a mug of cocoa. Some viewers likened him to a child just learning to handle a cup.

That’s probably the worst example of amateur psychology I’ve ever read. I would have to think hard to find a worse one. Trump gave a brilliant speech about moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem but he slurred one word. That is now another example of why Hamblin thinks he needs immediate testing. Maybe he’s neurologically impaired he suggests.

The Atlantic and Hamblin are very far-left and that is really what this is about.

The angry oddball Yale psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee, who the congressional Democrats dug up to speak to them about Trump’s fitness, actually wants to physically restrain President Trump and force him submit to a psych eval and have him declared unfit but she is worried it will look like a coup.

According to Lee, who wrote an anti-Trump book, this is “an emergency”.


  1. Should these communist left wingers move to replace Trump by any other means than the ballot box they would be well advised to live in bomb proof homes and wear bullet proof vests, (especially on their foreheads.

    The really unfit people , unfit to be American citizens, walking around free without someone to keep them from stepping in dog poop, are these folks. Would you want Bandy X. Lee to be giving your child counseling?
    Noooooooo Waaay, Jose. She is a nut with a college degree. Byron York & Hamblin are out of mental facilities despite being a threat to the public

    • Taking any such step would, indeed, be dangerous for THEM. When you have millions of people who support President Trump, and those millions are well armed … well, you’d better think long and hard before you even seriously attempt such a thing as ‘forced testing’ to meet ‘a non-partisan group’s’ conclusion.

  2. The coup attempt continues by using the “big lie” technique. When one doesn’t stick they move to another, even repeating some hoping to get some traction.

    Concern should be given to what else they may do when the lies fail.

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