New Executive Order Solidifies Obama as the Women’s President


There is nothing but good to be said about preventing and responding to violence against women and girls globally which today’s Executive Order claims to do.

Obama has hardly been a woman’s advocate. As one of the bloggers on this site said,

“Obama, by allowing the Taliban to take over Afghanistan and paving the way for the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Egypt has done more to destroy the rights of women than any other president in history.”

The timing of this EO seems suspicious when one considers that Obama’s demonization campaign against Romney relies heavily on Obama’s claims that Romney has launched a war on women.

Mitt Romney has struck back when Barack Obama has attacked:

“Hundreds of thousands of women have lost their jobs, poverty among women is highest in nearly two decades, and half of recent graduates can’t find a good job,” Romney campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg said. “Middle-class families have struggled in the Obama economy, and Mitt Romney has a plan to strengthen the middle class and get our country back on the right track.

Barack Obama has the podium and the bigger megaphone. He can use the power of the White House to outfox Romney.

This EO focuses on global violence against women and Obama claims that “Under the leadership of my Administration, the United States has made gender equality and women’s empowerment a core focus of our foreign policy.” His global ideology prevents him from focusing solely on the United States.

He sets up still another committee – a working group – to study the issue and make recommendations.

If I only had a $1000 for every committee and agency this administration has established while accomplishing little in the way of hope and change.

Why establish this bureaucratic morass now? At election time?

The Executive Order is available at this link,  Executive Order Preventing and Responding to Violence Against Women and Girls Globally