New Greatest Threat to Climate Change


We recently were enlightened with stories about turtles’ sex lives being harmed by climate change and cow farts causing climate change. Now they want us to go vegan. Meat-eating is the greatest threat but marijuana is also a growing concern for the left.


Time Magazine must be under the impression that beauty is synonymous with intelligence because they just posted an article by Alicia Siverstone who defines the greatest threat to our climate – eating meat. She then goes on to list all the talking points put out by the far left, which is the Democrat party today.

Actually one of the greater threats to America today is Hollywood.

Siverstone’s claim to fame was her lead role in the movie, Clueless. She has never even played the role of a scientist.

“Our rapidly growing dependence on animals as a food source is one of the greatest threats to the climate,” Silverstone says as if fiction were fact. She references an article in Newsweek titled with no small amount of hyperbole, If We All Eat Meat, We’re Doomed. “The livestock sector,” the article states, “contributes nearly 15 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, roughly equivalent to those from transport.”

Someone needs to tell the people in India to start killing the flatulent cows.

“Our collective environmental consciousness has been raised enormously in the past decade, which is beyond amazing—not to mention completely vital,” Silverstone says.

Animals, she bewails, are draining our natural resources. “…raising animals for food is a huge drain on our natural resources. It takes close to 2,000 gallons of water to produce just one pound of beef (Hello! Can you say, Drought in California?!),” she says.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is cutting down on meat and will have two meat-free meals a week.

The power of Hollywood.

It’s not only cows, it’s marijuana. The latest from the Durango Herald reveals that they are very concerned about growing cannabis.

Indoor cannabis production consumes 3 percent of California’s total electricity, 9 percent of its household electricity and 1 percent of total U.S. electricity (equivalent to 2 million U.S. homes per year).

U.S. cannabis production results in 15 million tons of greenhouse-gas emissions per year, or the same as emitted by 3 million cars.

Cannabis production uses eight times as much energy per square foot as other commercial buildings, and 18 times more than an average home.

As soon as people realize there will be no end, they will demand this stop. Hopefully that will be before it’s too late.