New, Heartwarming, ‘Spontaneous’ Hillary Emerges on ABC News


Hillary’s operatives announced via The New York Times that we should all be prepared to see a new “spontaneous” Hillary. They are actually planning for Hillary to be spontaneous. There’s some irony in that.

We will also see her humor, her heart and her joy, they tell us. This is in addition to Granny Hillary and Loving Daughter Hillary they rolled out only two months ago and Scooby Hillary they rolled out at the beginning of her campaign in Iowa which was her first big rally. If you’ll remember, when that didn’t work, she became the “champion” of the little people in New Hampshire for her second first big rally.

She wouldn’t talk to the media, the little people or anyone in Iowa or New Hampshire and only appeared for staged coffee shop meet ups with the little people who later turned out to be campaign workers.

Here she is ignoring the media in New Hampshire while Marco Rubio talks to anybody:

The new Hillary has finally apologized for secreting her emails from the public but she says she is trying to be as transparent as she possibly can. I’m sure she was transparent for the foreign intelligence services who undoubtedly got to see all her correspondence in real time.

These resets work as well as her Russian reset did.

The fact is the party and Barack Obama are preparing to unleash Joe Biden. Jill Biden will fundraise with Barack Obama tomorrow and Joe Biden is being promoted by the unions as he sounds more and more like a candidate.

Hillary’s reset was a topic for discussion on The Five Tuesday afternoon. Dana Perino mentioned that the new and improved Hillary is brought out every six weeks or so and the media has gone along with it.

The discussion on The Five:

Hillary is working on winning New Hampshire where she is losing to a radical socialist who isn’t even a Democrat. Last time she was losing New Hampshire, she cried and she’s doing it again. Will it work?

Here she is crying now:

This is her crying in 2007:


  1. Too bad they can’t reinvent her into an honest, decsent, law abiding and somewhat intelligent person who could genuinely give a damn about someone else instead of herself, her thirst for power, and her bank account. Ha, but it still wouldn’t keep her out of prison.

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